Published On: Fri, Nov 24th, 2017

Linguistbook.com: English learning community for all over the world

There’s no doubt about the fact that learning a new language is indeed a daunting and intimidating task as there are various approaches that can be taken to help the learner reach fluency sooner than the rest. Exchange of conversation and new language are always deemed to be the most effective means of practicing a new language and grasping the hold of the same. Naturally, there is a plethora of apps and tools which can help you in finding partners who can engage with you in a conversational exchange.

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LinguistBook is one such tool which helps you learn any new language, find out a worthy partner to exchange communication skills and lets you start practicing the language quickly without wasting any further time. LinguistBook is an English language learning platform which assists you in learning a new language.

LinguistBook – What is it?

LinguistBook is nothing but a social chat app which can assist you in practicing English and also in improving your grammar and English speaking skills. This app works in such a manner that you will find it extremely easy to find out a partner for practicing the language in no time. When you converse more, learning a language can be real interesting. Chatting with new people whom you meet from all over the world will give you an insight into the different ways the same language can be spoken. When all share the same goal of improving their English speaking skills, the entire process becomes more effective.

How to go about joining this community?

Hey, LinguistBook is free for all and anyone is welcome to join their community with the noble goal of learning English. All you have to do is:

  • Visit the website of linguistbook.com
  • Using the sign up form, create a new account for yourself
  • Go to Classroom
  • Click on ‘Start Session’ to begin practicing English with some partner
  • Continue practicing everyday to become fluent in English
  • Keep an eye on the site as there are new features that are being released constantly

LinguistBook – What it offers

LinguistBook will allow you to initiate conversations with other speakers or learners in a very easy manner. It will offer you suggestions on the different questions that you should ask in order to know more on your fellow-converser. If you already have a group of people you chat with, you can add them to your app so that you can contact them sooner or later after logging into the LinguistBook app.

It also provides access to a long series of videos with which you can increase your knowledge on the language and the speaking accent. You can learn English grammar effortlessly and go for real-time conversations with people. You can learn new words, meet new people with similar language skills as yours and boost your confidence this way.

You can now download LinguistBook from Google app store and start experiencing all the benefits mentioned above. Feel free to learn a new language and become an expert in it.

Author: Jimmy Simond

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