Published On: Sun, Sep 8th, 2013

Lindsey Graham opponents Nancy Mace, Richard Cash and Lee Bright oppose Syria intervention

With South Carolina’s senior Senator Lindsey Graham’s support eroding according to recent polls, the differences between Graham and his three primary challengers are growing more apparent.

One issue in the case for military intervention in Syria, which Sen Graham clearly supports, and then some.


Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham

Last week, candidate Nancy Mace said of the proposed intervention in Syria, “I find no compelling national security reason to engage our military in Syria,” Mace said in a statement. “I believe American troops should be fighting against al-Qaeda, not alongside them.”

Mace added that “bolstering an opposition dominated by al-Qaeda will hurt our national interests and only deteriorate the situation in the Middle East.”

“Senator Graham continues to support President Obama’s failed foreign policy. And just yesterday said he would try and ‘sell’ a broader engagement to the people of South Carolina,” she said. “I will stand with the people of South Carolina against Obama’s failed leadership and against military action in Syria.”

State Senator Lee Bright said of the proposed military action, Staying involved in the Mideast “is in our national interest because of the oil,” Bright said. “I just draw the line at dropping bombs.”

Bright said he supports boosting Israel’s military stockpile but not sending U.S. troops to fight.

Richard Cash laid out his thoughts more comprehensively in a blog post Friday, asks Lindsey Graham, “However, if regime change is the goal, as desired by Senator Graham, then what is the endgame that Graham proposes? If we help overthrow al-Assad, who will govern Syria?

Closing out his post, Cash said, “While President Obama appears to be on a face-saving mission, Senator Graham appears to be on an open ended mission that could take us much further than we are prepared to go. In either case, war at this point is a bad idea and our elected representatives should say so loud and clear.”

Last week, the grassroots organization, Carolina Conservatives United urged Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott to vote against military action.


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  1. Lindsey Graham vulnerability apparent as Clemson poll show him with 36% unfavorable rating - The Global Dispatch says:

    […] currently has three conservative opponents to battle in the upcoming primary, State Sen. Lee Bright, Nancy Mace and businessman Richard Cash, […]

  2. Derek Maupin says:

    Please help replace Graham by donating to Lee Bright https://rally.org/electleebright

    Let’s do this!

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