Published On: Wed, Nov 27th, 2013

Lindsey Graham, John McCain, John Bolton and others criticize Obama’s Iran deal

Many observers, both in Congress and talking heads, have come out with strong criticism concerning the deal made by President Barack Obama with the Iranians this week.


Fmr. Amb. John Bolton Image/Video Screen Shot

Fmr. Amb. John Bolton
Image/Video Screen Shot

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that despite the President’s deal, the Senate would pass a bipartisan measure forcing sanctions against the rogue nation until its nuclear capability has been completely dismantled.

“You stop enrichment, not just pause it,” Graham said.

“Right now, the interim deal leaves their capability totally intact. The new round of sanctions will be focusing on the end game, and it is coming soon,” Graham said.

Fellow South Carolina Senator, Tim Scott also said he has “serious reservations” about the deal.

John McCain, the Republican Senator from Arizona said the new agreement with the Islamic Republic could be dangerous.

“They have lied. They have cheated. They have deceived for years and years,” McCain said.

Former Democratic/Independent Connecticut Senator, Joe Lieberman is calling for the White House to “put the brakes on the deal”.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said last week he would schedule a vote on new sanctions after lawmakers return from the Thanksgiving break.

“They will study this. They will hold hearings if necessary, and if we need work on this, if we need stronger sanctions, I am sure we will do that,” Reid said Monday in a radio interview from Nevada.

On Fox News, Sean Hannity and Anne Coulter had a field day over the Iranian deal with Hannity saying, “That’s right, President Obama is now openly negotiating with terrorists.”

Coulter went on to say, “Democratic presidents go around creating crises in the world, and then Republican presidents have to deal with it. If you have no politics, but you just want America to be safer in the world, you have to vote Republican.”

Former Ambassador John Bolton had some very strong language concerning the deal. In a Weekly Standard Op-Ed Bolton writes, it’s an “abject surrender by the United States.”

He then goes on to say, “In truth, an Israeli military strike is the only way to avoid Tehran’s otherwise inevitable march to nuclear weapons, and the proliferation that will surely follow,” he said. “Making the case for Israel’s exercise of its legitimate right of self-defense has therefore never been more politically important.”





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  1. tomj says:

    Now there’s 3 warmongers or should I say 3 Stooges

  2. azwi says:

    McCain, Graham & Bolton are three interesting war hawks! All they want are wars with who they don’t care as long as they get us into wars. It’s quite evident that they’re owned by the Defense and Oil Industries. You’d think that they would shut up and go sit in a corner after what they put our through in Iraq with their lies on their weapons of mass destruction! John McCain is still lying to us today with his weapons on mass destruction fantasy! Of course McCain is still lying to us today too, claiming that Palin is qualified to be president. This just show us McCain’s lack of judgement, character, intelligence, credibility and integrity.

  3. tomj says:

    Three warmongering idiots! Who give a hoot what these 3 stooges says, none of them are military or foreign affairs experts. McCain wanted to nuclear bomb Iran long ago. All they are, are sick dangerous warmongering madmen.

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