Published On: Thu, Jun 6th, 2013

Lindsey Graham hates the Bill of Rights

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) seems to prove time and again how much he despises most of the first ten amendments of the Constitution.

photo donkeyhotey  donkeyhotey.wordpress.com

photo donkeyhotey donkeyhotey.wordpress.com

Graham, a University of South Carolina Law School graduate and judge advocate in the USAF, showed his outright resentment against the First and Fourth Amendments in one fell swoop this week.

(Why is it that so many law school grads have such a lack of understanding of the Constitution, or an outright adversion to the rule of law?, just asking.)

Yesterday, Mr. Graham showed outright aversion to freedom of speech when he said at a press conference, “Who is a journalist is a question we need to ask ourselves,” Graham said. “Is any blogger out there saying anything—do they deserve First Amendment protection? These are the issues of our times.”

Really, Lindsey?

Blogger or not, of course ALL Americans deserve  First Amendment protection.

There is no doubt that Lindsey Graham loathes bloggers, who critique ever questionable word that comes out of his mouth.

George Washington University Law Professor, Jonathan Turley said in his blog today:

Putting aside his confusion between general first amendment rights, including the right to free speech, and press protections, Graham appears to be clueless about the shift of the media toward Internet reporting and blogging. It is astonishing that he would question the status of bloggers who regularly cover the government and politics as journalists. Bloggers are now included in the White House press conferences and other media events. The White House regularly brings in bloggers with traditional media for meeting affecting the free press.

Wednesday afternoon Graham tweeted a correction: “Just to be clear, every blogger is entitled to constitutionally-protected Freedom of Speech.”

As one tweeter said in response to Graham’s arrogance–“Very gracious of you, mi’lord! RT @GrahamBlog Just to be clear, every blogger is entitled to constitutionally-protected Freedom of Speech.”

Had enough of Lindsey Graham? Wait, there’s more…

On this morning’s Fox and Friends, the senior SC Senator defended the National Security Agency’s reported collection of millions of Americans’ phone calls on Verizon, in the name of terrorism, in an overt demonstration of aversion and contempt to the protections to citizens granted through the Fourth Amendment.

Graham told fellow Patriot Act proponents, Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade, “I’m glad the NSA is trying to find out what the terrorists are up to overseas and in our country.”

Graham told the Fox hosts and fellow Verizon customers:

“I’m a Verizon customer. I don’t mind Verizon turning over records to the government if the government is going to make sure that they try to match up a known terrorist phone with somebody in the United States. I don’t think you’re talking to the terrorists. I know you’re not. I know I’m not. So we don’t have anything to worry about.”

Graham attempted to assure the Fox audience this was limited to tracking terrorists when he said, “I’m glad that activity is going on, but it is limited to tracking people who are suspected to be terrorists and who they may be talking to,” Graham said in a most assured tone.

Even long time Patriot Act defenders Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingram said they couldn’t believe the Patriot Act could be used in such a manner, hopefully their eyes have been opened.

However, watching Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich tonight criticizing the Obama administration actions with the NSA/Verizon case was comical– not one word of the dangers of the Patriot Act in which their man GWB implemented and they supported with every fiber of their being.

However, I’m sure this action by the government comes as no surprise to Fox Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano who has said, “The Patriot Act…the most abominable, unconstitutional, hateful, from the point of freedom piece of legislation since the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798.”

How does this hater of freedom and of the Constitution keep getting re-elected? How does this promoter of perpetual war keep getting re-elected?

Who will run against this man?

The American Spectator suggests Trey Gowdy as a good possibility:

A few candidates’ names have been brought up repeatedly, the most notable of which is Rep. Trey Gowdy, from South Carolina’s 4th district. Gowdy is well-known for being a conservative bulldog in the House and has highlighted his political skills recently during his grilling of Lois Lerner. In a fight between Gowdy and Graham, Gowdy might be a good bet.

Will the good people of South Carolina give Graham six more years?

Time will tell.







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