Published On: Sat, Oct 3rd, 2020

Lighting Considerations for the Elderly

As people grow older, they experience a general deterioration of the body and its functions. Their movement is slower and they may be prone to aches occasioned by age-related ailments like arthritis. Most importantly, their eyesight becomes poorer, which creates a need for brighter,  more comfortable lighting.

Aging and the Eyes

Human beings perceive light through their eyes. Understanding the impact of age on the eyes is essential to provide seniors with comfortable lighting.

Eye Changes and Their Impact on Vision

The eyes are made up of several parts that work together to promote clear vision. Each of these parts is adversely affected by age as follows:

The Lens

Aging hardens the lens, making it difficult for the eyes to focus. Additionally, less light penetrates the eyes. 

The Pupil

The pupils decrease in size, lowering the amount of light entering the eyes.

The Cornea

The thickening of the Cornea in aging people decreases the amount of light entering the eyes.

The Ciliary Muscles

Like other body muscles, the muscles in the eye weaken with age, reducing focus and light adjustment.

Photo via Pixabay/Seonae Song

Lighting Accessories for the Elderly

Many home designs fail to consider the lighting  needs of the elderly, exposing them to undesirable outcomes like:

Falls-Poor lighting is a leading cause of accidental falls in the elderly, resulting in injury and sometimes even death.

Exposure to Harmful Chemicals-Fluorescent bulbs last longer than ordinary bulbs, but they can break and expose the elderly to mercury in the event of changing.

Huge Power Bills-The elderly often forget to switch off their lights, especially when placed inconveniently. This results in high power bills.

It is crucial to incorporate lighting accessories in homes that make it easier and safer for the elderly to carry out everyday activities. There is a wide range of accessories to brighten the lives of seniors, including:

Motion Sensor Lights

The elderly visit the bathroom frequently at night. Placing lights that light up on sensing motion on their paths are an effective way to prevent falls.

Touch Lamps

Touch lamps can be switched on or off at the touch of a button, which is a great thing for the elderly, sometimes confined to beds or wheelchairs.

Led Lights

Led lights are an excellent consideration for the elderly as they last long, requiring fewer changes. Fewer changes make them economical and limit the risk of falling while changing bulbs.

Task Lights

Task lamps focus light where it is most needed and help the elderly accomplish activities like reading with ease. Look out for the best task light black friday deals from your favourite lighting store.

Dimming Controls

Senior citizens are sensitive to light intensity. Lighting accessories with dimming controls are an essential addition in a senior citizen’s home as they allow them to adjust the light to a comfortable level.

Bedside Lamps

Bedside lamps allow the elderly to turn lights on and off easily, which is essential for night-time movement in the elderly.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are visually appealing and easy to reach and clean, which is a plus for the elderly.

Portable Torch Lamps

Portable torch lamps will come in handy as they help the elderly see their paths clearly in the absence of convenience lights and during power blackouts.

Author: Lee Sadawski

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