Published On: Mon, May 28th, 2018

Life Site News details how the World Health Organization is pushing abortion

An eye opening op-ed by Jonathan Abbamonte at Life Site News begins with “The World Health Organization (WHO) has long promoted abortion under the premise of health. The WHO has long claimed that legalized abortion is crucial to reducing the prevalence of ‘unsafe abortion.'”

While the footnotes are confusing, not referencing WHO materials, the claims can easily be searched and verified:

  • WHO has published clinical handbooks and guidelines instructing health care workers how to perform abortions up to 12 weeks and beyond
  • WHO has issued policy guidances providing policy makers with recommendations for how to incorporate abortion into health policies and regulations
  • WHO has become more vocal in promoting access to so-called “safe abortion.”
  • WHO is launching of the Global Abortion Policies Database, a data tool which aims to track the legal status of abortion in every U.N.-recognized state worldwide
  • WHO considers “barriers” to abortion access to include even minimal abortion restrictions such as waiting periods, parental consent laws, conscientious objection rights, and penalties for abortionists that break the law

According to the Global Abortion Policies Database website, the purpose of the Database is to:

facilitate analyses of countries’ abortion laws and policies when they are placed in the context of WHO guidelines and human rights norms and standards. It is intended to help states identify and eliminate the barriers that women encounter in accessing safe abortion services.

Long gone is the effort to make abortions rare — remember the catchphrase “Safe, legal and rare.”

The report of the High-Level Working Group (launched during last year’s WHA) interprets the Global Strategy to include a number of human rights-related actions including the decriminalization of abortion, sodomy, and prostitution:

Repeal, rescind or amend laws and policies that create barriers or restrict access to health services (including sexual and reproductive health and rights services) and that discriminate, explicitly or in effect, against women, children or adolescents as such, or on grounds prohibited under human rights law. This includes repealing laws that criminalize specific sexual and reproductive conduct and decisions, such as abortion, same-sex intimacy, sex work and the delivery or receipt of sexual and reproductive health and rights information.

Check out the full article HERE

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