Published On: Sat, Oct 5th, 2013

Life lessons from apocalyptic television shows: ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Jericho’

With the return of The Walking Dead for season 4 comes more and more talk of survival techniques and skills “learned” from the show.

It seems fitting to compile a brief list of some of the key elements, life lessons if you will, from some of TV’s most popular apocalyptic television shows.

Walking-Dead Norman Reedus photoFood in the food drop may be poison Jericho (season 1:10)

In the tenth episode of season one a mysterious food drop has the residents racing and battling over the much needed staples. The Mayor cautions residents that the food may be “contaminated” which is a hypothesis gaining strength as the Chinese markings raise more questions than answers.

Life Lesson: Just remember that Jamestown colonist poisoned the liquor at the peace ceremonial toast with the Powhatan Indians in 1622. 200 Indians were killed from the incident, so be cautious and remember only food from God falls from the sky.

Poison the booze or Be careful drinking the booze (depending on your perspective – Revolution (season 1: 1)

Since we’re talking poison it is only fitting to point to the only saving grace of Revolution‘s beginning.

Fans may find it hard to believe the characters on Revolution survived 15 years without power since they find themselves in danger immediately after being left to their own devices. It was Maggie who poisons the alcohol in her flask that saves the group.

Life Lesson: “Don’t take candy from strangers” takes on new looks in a post-apocalyptic world. It may also be wise to resurrect the need for “Official tasters” – just a thought.

tracy-spiridakos-revolution photoThere will always be a fight over resources – Under the Dome (season 1:1-2,6)

While it’s hardly exclusive to this show, the battle over propane should remind us that 1) You will need resources 2) If you get the resources, someone is coming to take them from you 3) Return to number one if you are still alive, because the cycle does not and will not end.

Life Lesson: Kill the politicians first. Harsh? Maybe, but imagine Dome without Big Jim.

Is there better way to recover from the apocalypse than to begin without lawyers and politicians?

You don’t have to be fast, just faster than your friends – The Walking Dead (season 2: 3)

Otis was riddled with guilt and felt the need to redeem himself by going to the school for supplies with Shane.

Sadly Otis should have gone with someone he could outrun, because the phase ‘No Otis Left Behind’ didn’t catch on.

Life Lesson: The common suggestion to just be faster than your friends may come in handy in a post-apocalyptic world. Keep a fatty or two around on Facebook may have some secret benefits, so send them a cheesecake and remember Otis when you offer them the last piece.

Sure we could have compiled a list of reasons not to trust the guy wearing the eye patch or why the landscapers appear to be alive and well on all of these shows, but would that hold up against the rules from Zombieland?

No, of course not.

If you’re still not happy you can enroll in UC Irvine ‘Walking Dead’ class…no I’m not making this up, read it for yourself here

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    4 items and 3 shows does not an article make. good start, though.

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