Published On: Sun, May 5th, 2013

Libertarians don’t need any advice or ‘sympathy’ from socialist MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell

Self-proclaimed “practical European socialist” and host of the little viewed MSNBC program “The Last Word”, Lawrence O’Donnell, in his closing segment called Rewrite, O’Donnell attempted to show compassion for libertarians by throwing both Rand and Ron Paul under the bus.

Lawrence O'Donnell Image/Video Screen Shot

Lawrence O’Donnell
Image/Video Screen Shot

I specifically want to point out serious flaws in O’Donnell’s argument against an Op-Ed former Texas Congressman Ron Paul wrote for the website LewRockwell.com entitled, “Liberty Was Also Attacked in Boston”.

O’Donnell specifically picks on the first paragraph of Dr. Paul’s piece, which goes like this:

Forced lockdown of a city. Militarized police riding tanks in the streets. Door-to-door armed searches without warrant. Families thrown out of their homes at gunpoint to be searched without probable cause. Businesses forced to close. Transport shut down.

He tries to cleverly go through word-by-word, sentence-by-sentence pointing out what he considered untruths and finally closing saying  of the piece “What a vile lie”.

O’Donnell starts out with sentence one, “Forced lockdown of a city”, saying that nobody was forced. However, according to an Associated Press story published on the liberal Huffington Post tells a different story.

WATERTOWN, Mass. — Boston’s police commissioner says all of Boston must stay in their homes as the search for the surviving suspect in the marathon bombings continues.

Then he says Congressman Paul used the word “tanks” in the second sentence for effect, and compared the military-style armored assault vehicles to a Brinks truck.

Armored vehicle on the streets of Boston Image/Video Screen Shot

Armored vehicle on the streets of Boston
Image/Video Screen Shot

True enough, maybe the armored vehicles weren’t technically tanks as they had wheels and not tank treads; however, to compare these military vehicles to a Brink’s truck is ludicrous. Anyone who has ever seen one inside and up close can attest to that.

The Boston Herald reported, “Armored tanks, automatic weapons, SWAT teams and a thermal imaging camera on a helicopter were part of the massive arsenal that helped hunt down a 19-year-old college student wanted for bombing the Boston Marathon and killing a Massachusetts Institute of Technology policeman.”

In fact, O’Donnell specifically said, “about as scary as the armored truck that moves money to and from your bank.”

Am I losing it, but aren’t lefties like O’Donnell always saying the same thing about so-called assault weapons like an AR-15? A very menacing appearance but still just a semi-automatic weapon. Hmmm.

“Door-to-door armed searches without warrant”–O’Donnell says police don’t need warrants if property owners let them into their home. Let me go on to the next sentence…”Families thrown out of their homes at gunpoint to be searched without probable cause.”

Well, to cover those last two sentences, all one had to do is go on YouTube to find a plethora of examples of police going door-to-door performing searches and families, including children, staring down the muzzle of a weapon as they were told to leave their homes. Example #1, Example #2Example #3 check out the 1:28 mark.

“Businesses forced to close”. Maybe the word “forced” wasn’t used, but “Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency chief Kurt Schwartz asked businesses in the six towns to remain closed for the time being”, reports The Boston Business Journal. We can read in between the lines on this one, they said close your business.

It appears to me that the one telling a “vile lie” was statist Lawrence O’Donnell.

Besides, I don’t believe any liberty-minded individual, small government Constitutionalist or libertarian needs any “sympathy” from a man like Lawrence O’Donnell.




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