Published On: Fri, Oct 18th, 2013

Libertarian Robert Sarvis rises to 13% in polls, Virginia still excludes him from gubernatorial debate

Despite receiving around 13 percent support in recent polling across the state of Virginia, and state debate rules only requiring candidates cross the ten percent threshold to participate in the debates, Democratic Candidate Terry McAuliffe and Republican Candidate Ken Cuccinelli “agreed” with (or more likely pressured) sponsor CBS to exclude Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Robert Sarvis from taking part in the last televised debate before the election.

Robert Sarvis photo LP.org

Robert Sarvis photo LP.org

This contest would have been the last chance for Virginia voters to see how Sarvis stacked up against the two very unpopular candidates offered by the two major political parties in the state, and clearly demonstrates the threats felt by the establishment political operatives due to Sarvis’ rise in the polls leading up to the gubernatorial election in early November.

WDBJ7, the CBS affiliate organizing the Oct. 24 debate on the campus of Virginia Tech, announced late Thursday that Robert Sarvis has fallen just short of the 10 percent threshold for a third candidate to get on stage.

“As of this date, the third party candidate is polling at 9.0% based on the averages on realclearpolitics.com and would, therefore, not meet the guidelines agreed upon by the campaigns,” emailed Kelly Zuber, the station’s news director.

Thursday was the deadline for deciding who would participate.

The latest poll mentioned and used by NBC lists Sarvis at 9% but the Real Clear Politics average indicates 9.8% !?!?

Politico writes: “With both major candidates viewed more unfavorably than favorably, the libertarian option has fared well among voters who don’t want to pick between “the lesser of two evils.” Sarvis received 12 percent in a three-way POLITICO poll conducted over the weekend of likely voters, while Democrat Terry McAuliffe was at 44 percent and Cuccinelli 35 percent.”

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- Brian C. Cole expanded his writing talents for Examiner.com. Politically Brian discovered the Libertarian Party and its commitment to free markets, free trade, social tolerance and non-intervention abroad. Currently, Brian serves as the Region 8 Representative to the Libertarian Party of Florida for Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties. He also works as Vice-Chairman for the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County. Passionate about rugby Brian became one of the players for the Tampa Bay Krewe Rugby and writes regularly about Florida rugby events. Brian is a huge music fan, preferring songs that utilize actual instruments over the computer-generated tracks that tend to dominate too many of the mainstream radio stations today. He updates fans on different music events, especially in the central Florida area.

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  1. Pollster won’t explain exclusion of libertarian from poll, ‘we decide who goes on our questionnaires’ - The Global Dispatch says:

    […] were vocal in Virginia as Robert Sarvis polled above the required levels to qualify for debates, but was excluded anyway. Now it’s certain Wyllie and other candidates will be more vocal when pollsters admit […]

  2. General Lee says:

    I think the problem with LP is that it tries to put so much focus on executive positions rather than House/Senate or even local positions.

    Hell, he got more than 1% in this election, I’m impressed.

    There’s been nearly three decades of libertarian candidates for president, neither of them have really gained any ground. Plus, this guy is rather young and inexperienced.

  3. Robert Sarvis: Virginia's Most Successful Libertarian Candidate in 50 Years | IVN says:

    […] Libertarian candidate, has managed to attract 13 percent of the state's voters , according to recent data. But what’s the appeal of a candidate who — most likely — will not actually win […]

  4. rick Blair says:

    The poles are in and come Election day Governor Elect Ken Cuccinelli voters are not going to get the vote to put there candidate in the office that a sure thing.And you can blame the independent but the poles show his voters haven’t wavered in there fight .So Cuccinelli have only two choices to keep Governor Elect Terry McAuliff out of the governor house. the first is vote your candidate who from the poll’s show he will surly loose or vote for the independent to keep Governor Elect Terry McAuliff out of the governor house.

    Already been said that a lot of Virginia hold Governor Elect Ken Cuccinelli responsible for Governor Elect Sarvis not being in the debate now if Governor Elect Ken Cuccinelli was to let him in, then Governor Elect Terry McAuliff would be put on the spot and if he didn’t allow Governor Elect Sarvis in, then he would be paying the price. what do you think he would do. One way or the other Virginia has shown someone will pay for that mistake through the voters come Nov. Virginia has shown that already.

  5. Why NOT let Robert Sarvis run in the VA governor's race? - Hot Dogma! says:

    […] a Libertarian. Is that a problem? I am not Libertarian, but I do not see the wisdom of excluding third- (and fourth- and fifth-) […]

  6. Libertarian Robert Sarvis Rises To 13% In Polls, Virginia Still Excludes Him From Gubernatorial Debate - Liberty Crier says:

    […] Libertarian Robert Sarvis Rises To 13% In Polls, Virginia Still Excludes Him From Gubernatorial Deba… […]

  7. Josh McCullough says:

    Sarvis is the clear choice in this election. People just need to be given the opportunity to hear what he’s about!

  8. Your Name... says:

    Was there actually a reputable poll where Sarvis rose to 13% in polls

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