‘Liberal Fascism’ comes to Provincetown as school apologizes for trying to give condoms to first graders

UPDATE: The superintendent of a Massachusetts school district is apologizing to parents for what she calls a misunderstanding over a sex education policy that as written, would have applied to both high school students and first-graders.

Provincetown Superintendent Beth Singer said in the letter e-mailed Tuesday that the district would clarify that elementary school-age students couldn’t get condoms if they requested them from the school nurse.

Singer said it became necessary to revise the policy’s wording after it was “so badly understood and misrepresented by the media,” according to the Cape Cod Times.

“It is especially troublesome to me and to our school community that this is likely to have been your introduction to the policy,” Singer wrote in the e-mail.

After an outcry from Gov. Deval Patrick and others the district said would consider excluding students in grades one through four. (emphasis added, The Dispatch).

NOTE: Fifth graders and up are ok.

Singer, who wrote the condom policy, agreed to take the governor’s advice to make it “age appropriate” and review the matter with the board.

“We were never giving condoms to elementary school children,” Singer told ABCNews.com. “It’s for sexually active people, and we don’t see that as relevant to elementary school.”

“You turn on the television and 24/7, there is sex,” she said. “And it is possible to have a young teenager in the sixth grade. So the school committee didn’t want to eliminate anyone to having access for whom it was relevant.”

 Xehpuk at the German Wikipedia project

Xehpuk at the German Wikipedia project

Provincetown, Massachusetts has shaken conservative groups over providing condoms to first graders.

Yes, first graders!

“They are children. They often act without information – on assumption, things they’ve heard, rumor, myth,” said school Superintendent Beth Singer. “I think information is always important for kids.”

We’ve witnessed countless examples of the movement to teach sex education earlier and earlier in schools. In fact, the “Safe School Czar” Kevin Jennings is a proponent of sex ed in elementary school, including classes on homosexual tolerance. (Part of the Liberal Fascism movement, according to Jonah Goldberg).

That said, this story has a more disturbing statement: The school will not honor parents’ requests that their children not receive the prophylactic, Singer said.

I wish I was kidding.

The parents: you, me….us, we have NO SAY, NO RIGHTS in this.

Right, left or otherwise, the Big Government machine is steamrolling over individual rights, especially when it comes to our children and the politically correct agenda.

Obviously the most frustrating and oppressive part of the story is the inability to opt out.

Further more, the children can request a condom from the school nurse and it WILL be provided (as well as offer counseling) but there is NO MANDATE to inform the parents.

Funny how teachers, administrators and others complain that schools are not babysitters and DO NOT replace the responsibilities of the parents, EXCEPT when it comes to sex education. Schools don’t have a problem keeping abortions notifications from parents, using pornography to teach STD risks or handing out birth control to ALL children – regardless of age.

The left that are running these institutions act like they KNOW more than us, better for our kids, don’t want us involved, but still want to blame us when kids don’t succeed.

NOTE: Url stopped working, original source link was to Boston Herald.

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