Published On: Mon, Sep 12th, 2016

Leveraging social media to expand outreach of your radio station

If harnessed properly, social media can emerge as one of the most efficient marketing vehicles driving the success of your radio station. It does play an effective role in stoking tune-ins, listenership and tune-backs to your station- but only if you’re careful enough to acquaint yourself with a few hacks. Today, we will walk you through a series of efficient social media tricks and tips to shore up the brand value of your radio station.

Focus on the creation of compelling content

Do you know how Jimmy Fallon is winning the late night battle with “Tonight Show”? Much of its success can be attributed to Twitter, since this show remains one of the major hits on this social networking platform. A HootSuite data confirmed the following:

  • Jimmy Fallon himself got 431,280 mentions
  • Fallon’s mention of comedian David Brenner’s death garnered considerable attention
  • Demi Lovato tweeting about her portrayal of Pictionary on the show (in March) spurred attention as well
photo Kevin Phillips via Pixabay

photo Kevin Phillips via Pixabay

They are described as “remarkable” content simply because they are unique, relevant and compelling. They have managed to shore up attention much like contests, podcasts, ads or promos have done over the years– in spite of not being any of these attributes themselves. They are “self-contained” but engaging- that’s why they succeeded.

Share interesting news about radio

When is the World Radio Day? What is Amateur Radio? What kind of popularity does radio enjoy in the age of YouTube? Share such interesting trivia and news (of course related to radio) with your listeners. Visit DX news for some interesting pieces of radio news in Russia.

“Now Playing” and “Listener Requests”

Integrate “Now Playing” and “Listener Requests” to your website with the help of your radio automation software. Use your social media platforms to announce what you’re playing right now. That surprise “now playing” tweet can actually offer your listeners an essence of your radio station.

Listener request is almost a “must” in most of the radio stations’ fixture. It’s a way of telling your listeners how much they matter to you. Don’t dictate your music throughout the day. You cannot get your audience involved in your music if you do so. You can use your social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to encourage your listeners to request their favorite songs on these platforms.

Social media giveaways

Social media giveaways can turn out to be a fantastic way with the help of which you can actually bolster the exposure of your station. Look up the social media portfolios of your competitors and you will find so many of them coming up with creative but relevant giveaways to expand their outreach and draw new listeners to their station.

Strike a personal chord

Give them a sneak peek of what goes on to make your radio station such a big success. How do the jockeys prepare their shows? What do they do when they are not conducting shows? What do they like to eat? Upload a 3 or 4-minute video to show how you celebrate the birthdays of your jockeys. Do this is just a way to strike a personal chord with your listeners.  

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