Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2020

LED Grow Lights: Their Advantage For An Indoor Farmer

Indoor farmers recognize that light is essential. A plant’s growth hinges on the light; without it, a plant cannot mature to its full state or deliver its naturally yielding flowers and fruits. For plants to grow indoors, most indoor farmers use LED grow lights to provide the essential light they need for their plants. However, because of LEDs’ technology and the light produced in an LED chip, LED lights have a significant advantage over their fluorescent bulb counterparts.

LED Technology

Each LED bulb contains a microchip inserted inside; to produce light, the chip acts as the fluorescent bulb’s filament. LED bulbs can’t “blackout” like regular bulbs without filaments, helping them to illuminate longer and brighter than their filament variants. LED lights may last 110,000 hours, equivalent to 11 years of continuous use until they cease to function.

The lights save money in the long run due to the projected lifespan; people who use LED devices or who are in homes and office buildings using these lights save significantly on bulb replacement costs. However, the use of microchips makes LED lights a bit pricey.

Grow Lights

Grow lights are essential items for indoor farmers since they function as an electronic, miniaturized sun. LED lights are designed to mimic the sun’s wavelengths, creating light rays that provide the vital nutrients a plant requires to grow to their full state. The majority of LEDs seen on these devices will produce blue and red light since these two are the most critical for plant growth.

photo courtesy California Light Works

Grow Light Advantages

Lighting is such an essential aspect of creating perfect indoor farming. It is strongly recommended that you prepare the design and layout of your plants and lights. LEDs may have a higher price tag, but many farmers are now turning to LED grow lights because of their huge benefits.

Healthier plants

In addition to the bonuses seen with maturing a plant, grow devices allow an indoor farmer to grow a plant without the trouble of bugs, bad weather, or spraying insecticide on a plant. With LED grow lights, farmers would have to worry less about spraying their plants with insecticide, but more importantly, because of the amount of light they receive, the plants will grow much faster than outdoor plants.

LED lights offer a significant benefit to farmers who want to stay ahead of the growing season and subject their plants to 24-hour light while keeping clear of bad weather. Farmers can grow their plants comfortably to maturity with the help of these lights.

Quick harvest cycle

With LEDs grow light, you can supply your plants up to 24 hours daily with light. You tell the plants how to behave. You have the freedom to decide whether it should be daytime or night for your plants. This is an excellent way to increase the growth rate of your plants

Improved lifespan

With LED grow light, you get over 50,000 hours, which is more than you get with your conventional lighting. That is because LEDs use very low temperatures to operate. You get a lot of heat with your ordinary lighting, and it burns out quicker. But you can still cultivate your plants for years without thinking about replacing the lights with LEDs. In the end, you save money.

Saves costs

LED grow lights use less energy than conventional lighting, but they also produce the same amount of light. To generate light, LED does not need to burn anything. You can save money on electricity


LEDs are a cutting edge technology that maximizes performance and lowers costs. The use of LED technology emits considerably less heat and ensures that plants get just what they need to grow and bloom.

Author: Biswajit Rakshit

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