Published On: Tue, Aug 28th, 2018

Learning Management Systems Revolutionizing the Way Organizations Train

Learning Management Systems, or LMS, have recently emerged as a pioneering method to manage the training and orientation for organizations ranging from Ivy League schools to Fortune 500 companies. With the ability to now design, implement, and track their training internally, more and more organizations are starting to take notice.

“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing,” said Donna J. Abernathy, an educational author, and former editor at Training + Development magazine.

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What is LMS?

LMS is a software application that tracks, administers, regulates, and conveys information. It is a solution that provides training an online, customized training experience to existing employees and new hires. Through an LMS, tests can be administered and graded, students and can seek feedback and support, progress is tracked in real time, and comprehensive reports can be generated instantly to assess the effectiveness of training.

Benefits of Using an LMS

  •         Better Training System

Having an LMS for your company can provide your staff with a better training methodology. New information and knowledge can be disseminated quickly and effectively. An LMS will let your employees gain knowledge and access to resources that will help them do their jobs more efficiently.

An LMS will let you create modules and customized training that are specific to any group of your employees. New recruits will now be trained faster and given more adequate information. This, in turn, will help your company achieve a higher success rate.

To know which LMS to get, a consultant such as eLearning Industry will give you an LMS quote and help you find one that would best suit your company. They can provide you with a list of LMS vendors and help you evaluate which one would fit your needs.

  •         Boost Employee Performance

When you provide your employees with training that increases their knowledge about your products or services, or sharpens their skill sets, they will become more confident, and therefore, more productive. Having information on demand can help them answer customer queries and concerns easily, allowing them to resolve issues more efficiently.

International Executive Coach Barry Tay says corporate training is important and gives a big competitive advantage for any business. With the help of an LMS, employees can be trained easily, with the resources available anytime they would need it. This also falls under valuing your employees that play a key role in making them happy, resulting in a stable business organization.

  •         Keep Track of Progress

With the use of an LMS, you can ensure that everyone who needs training will gets it. You can keep track of everyone’s progress and manage their records. It allows users to standardize training standards, ensuring that the training will be delivered in a consistent manner, and that everyone has the opportunity to learn.

  •         Reduce Cost and Time for Training

An LMS eliminates many of the extensive costs that usually result from establishing and maintaining a training program. There is no need for face-to-face training sessions, printed materials, and travel expenses. You no longer need to coordinate training schedules or waste time arranging registration.

  •         Flexibility

Your employees can access the training modules anywhere that has an internet connection, and at anytime that is convenient for them. If you have offices in different locations, you can train your staff remotely with the help of an LMS. An LMS will also allow you to modify your training system and adapt to any changes that you encounter during the course of your program.


Corporate training has never been the same with the introduction of the LMS. Not only will you increase productivity, you will also provide a good experience for your customers.

Author: Clarissa Caouette

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