Published On: Tue, Jun 30th, 2020

Learn AWS from experts

An AWS certification will help you demonstrate and validate your cloud skills and knowledge. Several certification exams are available for cloud architects, engineers, and administrators. If you are fascinated by cloud services and the related technology, then you will thrive here. The cloud services and that too from Amazon are a great feature that helps improve the way a system works. So getting certified in this field will enable you to get a job that ensures you work with the best cloud technology and stay ahead of the curve.

What is an AWS Certification?

AWS is a certification level in Amazon Web Services. This refers to a cloud expert who is an IT trained professional. One can only reach this position after successfully passing the various exams that the Amazon cloud provider has set. But it’s important to note that since it is such a coveted position, there are lots of misconceptions that serve to misdirect one rather than guide. As such, before going into the field, it’s essential to know about its details.

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AWS certification- Types

Know that this certification program generally lasts for 2-years and once the certification expires, the IT pros will be able to get recertified as well. When it comes to the types, 4 major kinds of certifications are listed below. 

  1. Cloud Practitioner: This path is for those who want to build, know, and validate their understanding of the AWS cloud. People engaged with the cloud in managerial, technical, sales, or financial roles will find this certification useful.
  2. Architect Path: This certification is for the solutions architects and design engineers. If you want to know more about designing systems and applications on AWS, this is for you.  
  3. Developer Path: This is for those software developers who are eager to learn about developing cloud applications. There are two paths here. 
  1. Developer Associate – To get this certification, you will have to show that you have code-level knowledge of the AWS platform. 
  2. Developer Engineer Professional – In this path, you will have to complete the above certification first. But candidates will also have to show that they have at least two years of experience working on managing and provisioning AWS architecture. 
  1. Operations Path: System operators have two kinds of certifications. 
  2. System Administrators: This includes data migration and application deployment. Students must also have some necessary skills to be a system-administrator, which involves security, systems, and provisioning management.
  3. Developer Operator: This is for those who want to know more about repeatable deployments regarding networks, applications as well as AWS systems on the platform. 

What does the AWS Certification course contain?

These courses are generally taught online, and especially in the current times of pandemic, that will be more so the case. When looking for a course that will help you get trained in AWS, make sure that you select one that provides you the needed training to get your AWS certification. In the path of your choosing at least ensure that you can plan, design, and then scale the AWS implementations. These are to be done, making use of more than 70 different kinds of cloud-computing services. 

Here are the key features which any AWS certification online training should have: 

  • Live demos of the AWS services so that you understand what you are going into. 
  • Simulation exams to help you understand your role better
  • Real industry projects so that you get hands-on experience regarding it all.

What are the benefits of getting an AWS certification?

It is expected that the need for AWS services will go up to around $235 billion by 2020. This will result in the creation of more than 350,000 cloud-computing jobs. The jobs are also expected to pay handsomely. 

For example: 

  • For a Cloud-Solution Architect, the minimum annual salary is expected to be ₹6.6 lakhs, and the maximum is ₹33 lakhs. At an average, a person employed here is expected to earn around ₹16 lakhs. 
  • For someone employed in Technology Solutions, the minimum annual salary is around ₹4 lakhs while the maximum is ₹16 lakhs. The average pay for this position is ₹11 lakhs.
  • For a Cloud Developer, the minimum annual salary is ₹3.4 lakhs, while the maximum is ₹12 lakhs. The average pay for this is ₹8.4 lakhs.

Prerequisites for this course

Any professional can take this AWS certification online course. But it is especially recommended for programmers, cloud-software engineers, cloud developers, and such. Do know that there are no needed prerequisites for taking this training course. Any experience in handling cloud-computing platforms will help you out as you will be able to grasp concepts faster.

How much time is needed to complete this certification?

To complete an AWS certification online course, you will need to invest quite some time. Know that the format for the Professional, Speciality, and Associate certification exams are different. 

Here’s what you should expect:

  • Each one comes with sample questions and multiple choices.  
  • The exam will get monitored by an AWS, experienced professional. 
  • Exams for the Associate level will be around 80 minutes long, whereas the Speciality and Professional level exams will be about 170 minutes. Do keep in mind that AWS carries out a statistical analysis. This determines the passing marks. Also, it can change according to the subject and test.
  • The results will get posted within 70 to 72 hours in your AWS account. If you pass, you will get an e-certificate. You will get access to particular AWS-certified badges and logos that you can put to professional and personal use.
  • Even if you fail, there’s no need to worry. You can retake the test 2 weeks later. 

To sum up

An AWS certification online course will prepare you for taking the AWS examination. You will get to have real-time experience and demos to know what you will be facing in the exams. While you won’t need any training to sit for the courses but having a cloud-computing experience will help you out in the long run. The examination itself won’t be difficult, and you can retake it as well.

Author: Nataliya Stefanus

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