Published On: Sat, Jul 9th, 2011

Latest news on ‘Walking Dead’ season 2

THE WALKING DEAD is the break-out AMC hit that had everyone talking last year and when the show returns for season 2.

TVLine reports that Lauren Cohan (SupernaturalThe Vampire Diaries) is joining the cast in the role of Maggie Greene, “the daughter of farm owner Hershel Greene and a love interest for Glenn (Steven Yeun).” The role of Hershel, meanwhile, will be played by another new addition: Scott Wilson (of CSI fame.)

While speaking with AMC during the chaotic shoots currently taking place under the hot Atlanta sun, director Frank Darabont dropped a major bombshell for non-readers of the source material, confirming what many avid readers knew would eventually happen.“We’re fleshing out the story in so many different directions. Once you’re into this with real actors playing these characters, the dynamics develop over time from episode to episode. There’s so much rich story and character to plunder,” said Darabont.

Darabont has been serving as second unit director on occasion and wants to fully direct an episode later this season but isn’t sure if he has time because of the hasty schedule. “I’m hoping to. You know, being the boss is kinda like being the kid who has to stay in and do homework. Everyone gets to play outside. Yeah, it’s hot and miserable, but my God it’s fantastic,”said Darabont. He did however mention that makeup effects master Greg Nicotero has been serving as a second unit director to great success.

“Greg Nicotero has also greatly contributed as second-unit director. The teaser for episode one is entirely his sequence, and it’s our version of the opening of Day of the Dead. Atlanta as it is now, a lot of walkers, a lot of quiet and solitude in the dead city. It’s a very cool visual sequence, he did a great job. Greg and I are dyed-in-the-wool horror/zombie geeks, so I know he had a blast doing it,” said Darabont.

Meanwhile Darabont and producer Gale Anne Hurd were on hand at the 37th annual Saturn Awards, accepting their award for Best Television Presentation, the duo gave Collider a few minutes of their time to discuss the show’s second season

On a key zombie kill in season two.

Darabont: “I’m telling you right now, in episode two we have as unique a scene, its never been done before. If it has I’m going to jump off the cliff here. It’s as unique as when they chopped up a zombie in episode two of the first season.”

On gore.

Darabont: “There’s no such thing as too big an axe. That’s the philosophy of the show, I’ve realized. There’s no such thing as too big an axe!”

On the overblown rumors of continuing the show with only freelance writers.

Hurd: Don’t believe everything you read.

Darabont: “The big sensational headline last year was, “Darabont fires entire writing staff!” it sounded like I went in and slaughtered 12 people and threw their bodies in the dumpster. And that isn’t the case at all. There are two writers I didn’t invite back from last year for reasons I needn’t go into. But no, we put together a really good, solid regular staff this year and they’re doing inspired work. The only sense that it’s non-traditional is in the sense that I’m encouraging these guys, guys and gal to really color outside the lines and swing for the fences and not just sort of hit the marks of television writing but to try and do something really unique and different. And they’re really rising to that challenge.

On the longevity of the series.

Hurd: “When you consider that Robert Kirkman has over eighty issues of his comic book and he’s still going strong and won the Eisner Award last summer.”

Darabont: “And also, given that we’re expanding the videoinstead of collapsing it as we go, oh yeah.”

On when fans can expect to finally see Michonne.

Darabont: “I can officially tell you Michonne is coming in third season.”

Hurd: “If we get a third season. So everyone better watch season two.”

On favorite characters.

Hurd: “Andrea.”

Darabont: (overlapping) “I can see that.”

Hurd: Because people don’t expect that she is going to become the warrior that she becomes.

Darabont: Boy, is that a fun arc we’re doing this season. Oh my God. I love them all, I really care about them all and I really hate that we’ve killed some of them. I feel dirty when I do it.

The Walking Dead stars Andrew Lincoln, Jon BernthalSarah Wayne CalliesLaurie HoldenJeffrey DeMunn, Steven Yeun, Chandler Riggs and Norman Reedus. Executive producers are Frank DarabontGale Anne Hurd, Robert Kirkman, David Alpert, and Charles “Chic” Eglee. Jack LoGiudice serves as co-executive producer with Denise Huth as producer. Written by Darabont, Eglee, LoGiudice, Kirkman, Glen Mazzara



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