Published On: Sat, Jul 28th, 2018

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Women are not fans of excess body hair on men. If it looks like an animal is trying to escape your shirt, or you’re wearing a hair shirt to the pool, then it’s time you start regular maintenance.

Hair removal is not glamorous. It’s a maintenance task that never stops, and has no health benefits. It’s not like working out where you are making muscle, can eat more, and are getting a firmer, better-looking body. If you forget to shave, it’s unattractive. If you manage your hair reliably, no one notices — it’s only unattractive when you forget.

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Basic grooming activity

Just like fingernails, hair will grow and look untended if you don’t maintain it regularly. Imagine for a minute that you’re on a first date with a woman who shows up with ratty, chipped fingernails.

There are accepted universal grooming standards beyond being clean and smelling nice. Hair removal is probably already part of your regular maintenance routine. You pluck stray hairs from your ears, trim your nose hairs, and ensure that your eyebrows don’t grow together.

Pay attention to these areas

No one at the pool wants to see a man with back hair. Hair removal for certain areas of your body should be considered part of your standard grooming. Just like you get a regular haircut, you’ll need to trim areas like your chest, nose, eyebrows, and underarms to keep them from becoming unwieldy. If your chest hair crawls up through the neckline of your shirt, you need to tackle that as well. It doesn’t matter if you shave, pluck, wax, or trim the hair — the key is to remove it.

Find a skilled aesthetician

Make an appointment with a spa, clinic, or plastic surgery practice that specializes in hair reduction and removal for men. Body hair removal is different than facial hair. It requires a practiced touch and familiarity with men’s unique growth patterns, so you’ll need an experienced practitioner. Consult with the aesthetician or doctor about how to handle the aftercare of hair removal, like ingrown hairs, exfoliation, and pain minimizing techniques.

Consider permanent removal

A well-groomed man is more attractive. Some areas of your body require regular trimming and seem to grow back overnight. Your back, the back of your hands, between your eyebrows, and your ears should always be hair-free. You don’t have to live with constantly tackling this irritating regrowth. Rather than rushing to make an appointment at the last minute before a big event, it’s best to address removing body hair once and for all.

Laser hair removal is the best solution for those who care about their appearance. Equipment and aesthetician skill varies at different facilities, so do your research. If you live in the Western US, you should know that Salt Lake City has more plastic surgeons per resident and costs ⅓ less than cities like New York City, Los Angeles, or Miami. Find a top-rated practice with state-of-the-art laser equipment and highly skilled staff by searching for terms like experts in laser hair removal Utah.

It’s less expensive than you think

We go to great lengths to maintain soft skin. Consider the number of razors you’ve purchased, the different cans of shaving cream, and the hours spent driving back and forth to appointments. Add in the time and cost of a doctor’s visit to address an infected hair follicle or aftershave bumps, and the constant maintenance required can ring up quite a bill. Your time should be spent on activities that you enjoy, not on constant waxing appointments.

Never worry about it again

Don’t let a patch of hair derail your appearance and cause you embarrassment. It doesn’t take a lot of time to remove unwanted hair permanently. Treat yourself to a few quick, pain-free sessions of laser hair removal to avoid spending thousands of dollars on grooming in your lifetime.

Take back your time and avoid social blunders that can occur because of unwanted body hair. Laser hair removal is the best investment you can make in yourself and will save you time and money in the long term.

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