Published On: Tue, Jul 11th, 2017

LA Times: the ‘chance that any American will be affected by climate change is already 100%’

After a bloated introduction on the weather, sunburns and skiing in the Sierras, the latest L.A. Times propaganda article announces the impact of global warming, a.k.a. climate change, likening the impact to terrorism.

“Is this just weather, the endless series of transient atmospheric phenomena that give us something to talk about when we strike up a conversation with a new neighbor? Or are droughts and huge snowpacks and really high temperatures signs of climate change?” the article asks.

“That is not easy to sort out. A lot of us confuse weather and climate, like Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe who brought a snowball to the floor of the Senate in February 2015 as a prop to somehow demonstrate that climate change is a hoax. He seemed to think a major snowstorm in Washington in February was proof the planet is not warming.”


“It is much tougher to raise alarm about climate change, an existential threat that is still hard to fully comprehend. And it does not help that the best remedies for the problem are opposed by the fossil fuels industry that funds the campaigns of the politicians who choose to believe there is no climate problem at all.”


Well, hence the name changes from “global cooling” in the 1970’s to “global warming” and Al Gore debunked hockey stick with the more recent labeling of “climate change.”

The hysterics are just silly, likening the murderous rampages of terrorism to climate change – it’s just maddening.

It’s also “tougher” to find unbiased journalism on the topic.

Some science does NOT point to an alarming state of emergency and NONE of the experts offer any solutions. The alleged rising seas will be inches over decades, possibly even longer, allowing the humans to adapt and possibly having to relocate from certain beach front property to other areas. Would that be the end of the world?

Are carbon credits, bans on fossil fuels, electric cars and windmills going to solve the problem?

Let’s blame the earthworms, ban cows in California or link “low birth rates” and “less sex” to global warming.

The media propaganda machine photoshops photos, covers up bogus data and studies while scientists are proven wrong again and again and again: CO2, methane negates warming predictions baffling scientists, most of Arctic ice loss was due to natural processes not man made global warming, or global warming study points solar fluctuation in warming trends.

It’s hot…very hot in some places. Should we be vigilant and not take snowballs to Congress – of course.

That said, journalists like the LA Times writer needs to take a pause, find some intellectual honesty because you are as much of the problem as the deniers you appear to despise.

Real photo of lake, no snow

This snow filled photo was proved to be faked by the AP


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