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Kumari Fulbright and Her Mission of Empowering Women

At the young age of 35, Kumari Fulbright has put herself in a position most other women would want to find themselves in. Despite all the feathers in her cap, however, Kumari seeks to empower women and help them build confidence in whatever undertaking they may have. She knows for a fact that each woman goes through a different set of problems, but she believes that success is all about persevering and getting adequate support.

photo courtesy Freedom Initiative Project

An unwavering commitment to community service

Kumari Fulbright is the kind of person that goes out of her way to help other people. She attributes this trait to how her parents raised her. Kumari was introduced to community service when she was just a kid. Her parents would bring her to homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and elderly care facilities. She says that her parents wanted all of them to be reminded of all the blessings they have in life and share them with the less fortunate.

Her passion for serving the needy carried onto her school years. In middle school and high school, she continued participating in different community activities. Doing her little part was always in her mind, believing that if each person does something for the good of others, everyone would live in a far better place.

While in college, she helped to start the Students Helping and Reaching People. Kumari’s objective was to introduce young students to community service just like how her parents did. Each week, she would organize community service activities such as after-school tutoring and spend time with the sick and elderly.

Today, Kumari is focused on the Freedom Initiative Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing adequate assistance to women experiencing dislocation and transition. It’s her biggest project yet, but Kumari feels positive knowing that she has the support of countless women across the country.

Strengthened by experience

Kumari didn’t create her organization out of the blue. In fact, she has her life experiences to thank for making her the strong woman that she is right now. She knows how it feels to go through a traumatic experience and the difficulty of starting from scratch. Fortunately, her family has always been at her side, both in good and bad times—and this is exactly what she wants to offer to the members of the Freedom Initiative Project.

She shares a close bond with her parents and siblings, one that doesn’t seem to be too common these days. She says that even her aunts are so close to her, treating her like a best friend. With such a supportive family, Kumari has been able to emerge victorious over all the troubles she has gone through. With her organization now up and running, she aims to extend this support network to struggling women and give them a family to rely on at any time.

Her diverse background in the professional setting allows Kumari to share her knowledge and experience with other women. Her school accolades prove to be impressive, but she has also accomplished so much as a professional.

She built her first company in college, an event planning business called Princess Productions. She organized events for local clubs in Detroit, a job primarily associated with men. This was the first time she realized the many difficulties women experience as an entrepreneur. This experience fueled the fire inside her, motivating her to keep pushing for her dreams.

Kumari also has experience in the entertainment industry as a model. She has the looks and the irresistible smile that can captivate anyone. But Kumari says that what she got out of her modeling experience is the confidence to face people. Helping others is second nature to her, but it would prove useless had she not developed the self-confidence she has today.

Recently, she has formed a partnership with Aloris Entertainment to develop two television series. Netflix has already shown interest, adding another feather to her already decorated cap. But despite a lot of things going on in her life, she says that reaching out to those in need and helping them remains her life’s biggest priority.

Building a supportive network for women

The Freedom Initiative Project is geared toward assisting women dealing with transition and dislocation. This includes women recently released from incarceration, re-entering the workforce after divorce, or any obstacle resulting in dislocation. It proves difficult for these women to feel confident about themselves and do the things needed to move forward with their lives. The mission of the organization is to educate these women and, by leveraging donations and investments, provide them with a supportive network throughout their healing process.

Kumari emphasizes the importance of developing the life skills of women, especially those who want to re-enter the workforce. Employment opportunities may be scarce, but through proper training and education, anyone can make herself worthy of a well-paying job.

The organization also focuses on helping women improve their lifestyle. Going through a difficult time in life often results in developing ill habits such as substance abuse, which only makes matters worse. The support network provided by the organization reminds women that living a healthy lifestyle is key to building a new chapter in their lives.

Ultimately, Kumari’s mission is to provide the right resources to women in order to fully recover from their traumatic experiences. It’s imperative to heal the wounds of the past before aiming to achieve other goals in life, and the Freedom Initiative Project does exactly this to make the transition easier for women.

Kumari dreams of seeing all women become independent and feel confident about their own set of skills. To find out more about the things she does to inch closer toward this dream, check out her Facebook and Twitter profiles. The Freedom Initiative Project also continues to set up awareness campaigns across the country. The goal is to spread the word about the struggles of women and compel others to do their part in helping them rise above their challenges. Visit freedominitiativeproject.org to learn more.

Author: Matthew Perry

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