Published On: Fri, Nov 19th, 2021

Know what is Blood Dyscrasia, It’s Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Blood dyscrasia is generally described as a health condition where patients tend to experience an imbalance in the blood components. A person suffering from blood dyscrasia might have a smaller number of RBCs (Red Blood Cells) or WBCs (White Blood Cells) than the normally required number for a healthy human body.


Any disease that affects the count of blood components can be termed as a cause for the situation of blood dyscrasia.  Some diseases which affect the blood count are –

  • Leukemia is one such disease. It is a type of cancer that creates an imbalance in the production and function of blood cells. This cancer generally attacks the bone marrow of the body first which is responsible for developing cells into RBCs (Red Blood Cells), WBCs (White Blood Cells), and platelets.
  • Anemia is a health condition where the patient’s body develops a lack of RBC (red blood cells). It can occur due to critical situations such as hemorrhage, or from natural causes.   
  • Another major disease that is the major cause of blood dyscrasia is Von Willebrand’s. Severe damage like blood clots can occur owing to this disease, as it can significantly decrease the number of proteins in the blood.
  • Another medical condition that affects the production of platelets enormously is Thrombocytopenia. Some fatal consequences include excessive bleeding. 
  • Hemophilia is another medical state that can create negative repercussions on the platelet count due to blood clotting. 
  • Usage of certain drugs like NSAIDs or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs
    (aspirin, ibuprofen, cataflam, etc.) can also develop a situation of blood dyscrasia
  • One can even inherit this serious health condition from their families by the means of genetics.
  • Excessive long-term exposure to certain chemicals can leave a person stuck with the disease of blood dyscrasia


There are certain symptoms that can occur to patients of blood dyscrasia, and many symptoms are specific to the disease they are suffering from which is a cause of the disease. 

  1. Lethargy or weakness.
  2. Excessive bleeding (from the nose, gums, etc.)  
  3. Skin turning pale
  4. Clotting of blood
  5. Dizziness
  6. Regular infections
  7. Occurrence of frequent episodes of Fainting and unconsciousness.
  8. Swelling of lymph nodes
  9. Pain in the joints
  10. Severe pain in the abdomen


Blood dyscrasia is an unspecific disorder. It always has been for ages. But the high-tech modern world of today has gifted mankind with advanced and effective medicinal knowledge. Therefore, the treatment of this illness does not seem impossible anymore. 

However, the treatment is generally done specifically to the cause. Regular blood tests will help in the diagnosis process. But besides correcting the root cause leading to blood dyscrasiaCertain symptoms can, the doctors might take help from the following treatments available-

  • Blood transfusions
  • Certain medications
  • Blood Transplantations
  • Phlebotomy 

Along with the treatments, lots of care will be required for the patient to heal over time. Doctors usually advise regular blood tests to assess the improving graph. 

Author: Jay Singh

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