Kids think baseball is boring and is about hitting home runs

Allow me to venture away from the comic book universe as I relay the opinions and comments of the true “Boys of Summer” – my boys Jacob (7) and Zachary (6) regarding Baseball. The all-star game reminded me of times long gone when you would look forward to seeing players from across the league. There were no ties and no one pretended that the “exhibition” counted for anything other than pride.

When I questioned the boys as to whether they wanted to watch the game: Zach replied: “Dad, if I’m going to watch TV, it’s probably going to be something else.”

Well, that sums it up, doesn’t it? So I began with my little experiment. I sat down with the pair, explained what an interview was for and set our grounds rules. So here we go:

Brandon (B): So, what’s your favorite part of Baseball?
Both boys began imitating hitting the ball, ranting “Home Runs, hitting homers!”

B: Well, who’s your favorite team or player?
Jacob (J): The Devil Rays and Toby Hall.
Zach (Z): I don’t really like baseball.

photo Sporting News public domain

photo Sporting News public domain

B: Jacob, why do you like them?
J: Because we can go see them.
B: Why do you like Toby Hall?
J: Because he was nice to me, he’s good and he signed my paper. (The program from the game)

B: Zach, you said you don’t like baseball, why not?
Z: It’s boring.
B: What do you mean?
Z: Well, I like to play it, but not watch it.
B: Why not?
Z: They don’t ever throw the ball. (Jacob giggles)
B: What? What are you talking about?
Z: When we play we have to throw right away (pitch), but they don’t. Why don’t they Dad?
J: I hate it when they start walking around.
B: That’s true I guess. There isn’t a rule to make them hurry up.
J: I’m getting bored Dad.

B: Okay. You guys both said you like to play baseball, so –
J: Oh yeah baby (acting like he’s hitting the ball)
B: Hang on a minute. What do you like to play?
Z: To hit.
J: I like to hit home runs.
B: Do you like to catch, like in the field?
J: Yeah, I like the whole part of baseball.
Z: I don’t. It’s boring.

B: Okay. Who’s –
Z: Dad, we go play catch now?
B: Wait a minute, who’s your favorite players? Do you like Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemons, who?
Z: I dunno.
B: Well, do you like Roger Clemons?
J: Who’s that?
B: He’s the big pitcher for the Yankees. Remember the World Series game we saw with the pitcher #45? He threw that bat back at the guy after it broke.

J: Yeah, that was funny.
B: It wasn’t supposed to be.
Z: (after a few seconds) Is he the guy that threw the bat?
B: Yeah.
Z: I guess I like him.
J: Who’s the guy that jumped to catch the ball? That was cool.
Z: Yeah.

Well, that was about it. They jumped up at that point and began tossing to ball and diving after it. We played catch for an hour or so, then I let them hit.

I didn’t expect so many great comments from their innocent minds. Bud Selig should take note:

– Make the pitchers throw the damn ball! Speed the game up.
– Market to kids again. Sure, the boys will know more players in a couple of years, but come on.
– No, they don’t really understand the game very well. Sorry Roger, but you threw the bat and they laughed.
– Most importantly, of all the players the boys have met – the guy that took a minute to talk to them and sign his little program has a special place. I was surprised because I didn’t think much of meeting Toby Hall as they were leaving the field against the Mariners. Moral of the story, pro athletes need to be nice to the kids.

2007 Photo Keith Allison

2007 Photo Keith Allison

Now I really can’t ‘til football season.

BTW: I know that I seem to be in the minority, but I have an extreme hatred for the Ataris’ remake of Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer.” Fueling my disdain is the one re-write in the song:

“…I saw a Dead-head sticker on a Cadillac” is now a Black Flag sticker.

See what the death of Jerry Garcia has brought.

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