Published On: Thu, Mar 13th, 2014

Keri Russell interview: ‘The Americans’ season 2 and ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’

The popular FX Cold War drama is now in their second season and star Keri Russell predicts that fans will get more of what they loved from the first season. During a new with Collider, Russell talks about the show and praises the creators by her next film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

the-americans-season-2-posterRussell begins by reflecting on season 1, the twists and turns before predicting more of the same for the second season.

“…it is this thrilling spy world, the longer you go, the more layered it is and more people start to cross paths.  It gets better because it’s that much more layered and rich.  One of the storylines that I really love this year, that’s just become really great is the Nina character and her relationship with Stan, and there’s a new Russian guy that comes into the residentura.  That relationship is a really good example of how, when the show works, it’s really good.  You’re watching and you are invested in their feelings.  It’s seductive and it’s sweet, with people’s loyalties, but it’s so cruel, at the same time.  You don’t know who you like.  It’s really engaging.” 

Relationships, family drama and action drive The Americans and Russell confirms more butt-kicking from Elizabeth.

“There’s always a little bit of that.  You get a little beaten up sometimes, but I do enjoy the physical work.  Being a dancer, that was the only thing I was really trained in.  So, in a way, I get to use some of that.  And it’s fun.  You don’t have to memorize as much dialogue.  I’m like, ‘Oh, good, I don’t have to talk at all, that day.'”
Russell addresses the upcoming chapter in the Planet of the Apes franchise

“The great thing about that, even though it’s just such a different beast, and is this huge, epic thing, is that I get Matt Reeves, who I obviously love so much, from years ago (on Felicity).  He has such a creative voice and a present sensitivity.  I think that’s the only reason I was in a movie like that.  I don’t get to be in big blockbuster summer movies.  Surely, my boobs aren’t big enough for that.  But, that’s what Matt brings to the table.  He brought me and Kodi [Smit-McPhee] and Gary Oldman and Jason Clarke.  He brought this group of very not summer blockbuster actors together.  Hopefully, we’ll be a part of that big, giant, spooky, epic thing.  I don’t know.  I haven’t seen it yet.”

The Americans airs on Wednesday nights on FX.

Check out the full interview HERE

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes arrives in theaters July 11, 2014.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes poster up close photo


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