Published On: Mon, Oct 14th, 2013

Kendrick Johnson update: Parents battle for case to be reopened and to watch surveillance video

Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson are still fighting to find out exactly what happened to their son Kendrick, the Georgia teen found dead in a wrestling mat at school.

Kendrick Johnson facebook photo

Kendrick Johnson facebook photo

Johnson, age 17,student-athlete was found dead inside a rolled-up gym mat at Lowndes High School in Valdosta in January. Authorities were quick to dismiss the case as an accident, but a ton of evidence was omitted and a second autopsy points to a “non-accident.”

“We’ve got a wealth of evidence that requires that this case be reopened,” the Johnson’s attorney CB King said to 11Alive News in a Monday interview.

The sheriff’s department has now reported that there is a videotape from inside the gym.

“It’d show up and tell us everything that happened,” Kenneth said. “If (Kendrick’s death) was an accident, they’d have showed us the tape by now.”

“Nobody thinks it’s an accident,” Jacquelyn Johnson added, saying several of Kendrick’s friends have approached her to offer their support of the second investigation.

Harold Copus, a private investigator and former FBI agent, also spoke with 11Alive News about the case.

“You couldn’t do that if you were a Las Vegas magician,” Copus said about the crime scene photos showing Johnson’s shoes at his feet, the very key to the “accident” theory.

Officials initially stated the teen was “going for his shoe” and fell into the mat.

When Kendrick’s body was exhumed for the second autopsy, officials discovered many of the organs were missing and the teen’s remains were stuffed with newspaper. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the funeral home that prepared the body for burial offer differing accounts of what happened to the organs.

“You have a conflict here,” Copus said. “You would expect the organs to be with the body. They’re not, so … somebody’s covering up there.”

Copus said he expects the case to continue as a federal civil rights investigation.

“I find it highly suspicious that this young man died the way they said that it occurred. It doesn’t make any sense to me,” he said. “There are too many questions right now.”

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  1. No name says:

    This makes absolutely no sense how in the world can people just sit back and allow this to keep going on! I also have been following this case and it has been 4 years since this poor child was murdered and nobody is doing anything! Please no, that God will handle this situation and you will not win! When you mess with children of the Most High He makes sure your punishment, 100xs fold! Just know, you will reap what you sew and everyone who is helping cover up this case! Y’all better start praying real hard cause your time is definitely coming! It’s so sad because he was obviously a good kid and nobody deserves this! The rumors saying “that he wasn’t close with his family and his parents barely cared”.. trust and believe parents “who don’t care” would have been given up on this case a long time ago and would of allowed the lies feed to media to justify what happened to their son. These people are just looking for answers and nobody wants to give it to them! You just keep proving them right that He was murdered. This isn’t 1817 this is 2017. Black people have come a long long way from where they’ve started! These people try to play black people for stupid, you can’t kill us anymore and get away with it! Times have changed because of God we serve!!! You can’t hold us down anymore! The Johnson family will get justice! My cousin passed away two weeks ago and they found his murderer ” a black man” the next day, and found out the whole story with in two days! Thank God but my point is Y’all bring who
    y’all want to justice ,You will exploit who you want too! It’s going to be alright Johnson family , I and many others are praying for you guys! This hurts my soul because I would be so upset if something like this happen to any of my love ones! This is wrong and justice will prevail! God is on your side and that’s only a winning team! God bless and Take Care!

  2. Ludy says:

    I find it highly suspicious. Who killed Kendrick and rolled him up in that mat? That’s the question. I’m not trying to hear no other stories. Somebody killed that boy and now they are trying to cover it up. There is no way he could have crawled in that mat. I hope his parents keep pressing this matter because whoever killed Kendrick want it to go away. Not! Keep pressing Mr. And Mrs. Johnson!

  3. Valorie says:

    We send out kids to school every day of the week. I NEVER would have imagined that someone would die like this on campus. Keep demanding to see the tape. Just a few questions: Where were the security guards? Were there coaches in the gym/athletic office? Were all the students interviewed? Did they take a lie detector test? I see he was an athlete… Were the basketball players interviewed? Could it be the players wanted him “out”? Kids will talk. Leave no stone unturned. #dontSTOP

  4. karen says:

    …Ive read all the news on this case…..another case of elected officials sitting around on their keesters too much…this young man was an athlete, your good comfortable gym shoes dont just come flying off your feet…this man was proud of who he is….someone ambushed him, knocked him out…rolled up evidence and walked away ….with murder…..one thing our country doesnt need is inept public officials…..next time dont vote for morons….75% of public officials will do anything to keep their jobs and retirement packages….they really are not in those positions to really help US citizens….its all about themselves…justice will prevail for Kendrick for sure…God Bless those who know the right side of public office….

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