Published On: Tue, Apr 9th, 2013

Kendrick Johnson autopsy still pending, family organizes protest at courthouse, says ‘son was murdered’

A Georgia family is still demanding answers three months after a teenager’s death.

Kendrick Johnson, age 17, was found dead at Lowndes High School and the relatives say he was murdered. Investigators believe it was an accident, but they’re still waiting on the final autopsy report from the GBI Crime Lab.

Kendrick Johnson facebook photo

Kendrick Johnson facebook photo

Tuesday the Johnson family held a rally at the courthouse, the streets of Valdosta and rallied for answers.

“We haven’t gotten any information. So if they’re still investigating why haven’t they brought fourth the evidence?” said father Kenneth Johnson.

Johnson was found dead January 11th inside the old gymnasium at Lowndes High School.

Sheriff’s investigators believe he fell inside the opening of a rolled up cheerleading mat(mats) and couldn’t get out. But the Johnson’s don’t think his death was an accident.

“We don’t think, we know that he was murdered,” said Johnson.

The GBI’s preliminary autopsy report shows no sign of injury. But the final report still hasn’t been completed.

“We’re still waiting the final facts and to close it out prematurely and to make a premature decision would just be totally wrong, and we wouldn’t be doing justice to the family, to the community, or to ourselves as a law enforcement agency,” said Lt. Stryde Jones, Lowndes Co. Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s department has submitted more samples from the crime scene to be DNA tested. Which means the autopsy report could be delayed even longer.

“We certainly would like to get it as fast as anybody but we don’t know when the GBI will be able to complete this testing,” said Jones.

GBI officials say the do not have a completion date for the final autopsy report.


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  1. Center Stage says:

    “Kendrick Johnson’s Death: Freak Accident or MURDER,” a must hear podcast. This was the only two hour interview the parents of Kendrick Johnson and their attorney Chevene King have given. They revealed details about this case not heard until this show. Listen as the parent tell why they believe Kendrick’s death was due to foul play.


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    […] family has been protesting and trying to get answers raised out of the investigation and the coroner’s initial notification was approximately 6 […]

  3. La says:

    From the pics i saw its obvious that this poor young man was beaten to death…i pray that the family gets the justice that they deserve…this whole story seems shady & they need real detectives to get involved not some small town sheriff who determined no foul play was involved before even looking at all the evidence…a pic speaks a million words and foul play was definitely involved

  4. Sheriff’s role in Kendrick Johnson death called into question, coroner even seeking answers - The Global Dispatch says:

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    • Angela Williams says:

      I think his football coach was molesting him and he tried to tell on him. The coach killed him to keep him from talking. That would explain why he had no clothing on, there is no way he was trying to get a shoe without any clothing on…really….Also his pics look as though he was very sad…not smiling at all. I think csi would have solved this case months ago….they are definitely trying to cover up for someone that works for that school. If I were a parent I would demand some answers, because your child could be next. In the name of God some one please speak up and don’t let him get away with this…a concern parent.

  5. Jessica says:

    Okay, please tell me how a young man who was visibly physically fit wouldn’t be able to get out??? Sounds more likely that he was beaten and then “hidden” in the mats. Sorry the story he was “reaching for a shoe” but they can’t even determine that it was his own shoe, sounds like a cover up to me. Or lazy police work…

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