Published On: Mon, Apr 24th, 2017

Gawker’s Ken Layne quotes

Ken Layne, renown blogger on Gawker and Wonkette, now author of “Desert Oracle”

“You can have utter peace and quiet if you need it. It’s a place where you can live a mythic existence if you try — if you go outside and engage. That’s something we almost don’t get anymore. A place of romantic belief.” – 2017

“I came home and thought, Who knows about this? I went to my high school library and found Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire. Afterwards, “I thought, I will live in a desert wilderness and be a writer. It took a while, and that’s good. You don’t want to do it when you’re 16, and probably not when you’re 30. But when you’re in your 50s and you’ve been a newspaper reporter and a musician and all these things that require being around a lot of people…” – 2017

“I spent hours each day deleting death threats from the comments section,” he said in 2015. “I honestly don’t know how people deal with that for their whole working lives.”

“The Internet has ruined our collective mind for being able to rationally deal with news and issues… You need to come up with ever more vile headlines to get a few more clicks from the other 400 news outlets and sites that are doing the exact same story based on the same tiny bit of information.” 2015

In human terms, the United States peaked with the hard fought Civil Rights era, nearly a half century ago. The rest of the rich world long ago left us behind in recognizing the equality of races, genders and sexual orientation — and here in 2010, we’ve just sent a bunch of yokels to Washington who would very much like to wind back the clock to the pre-civil rights era. – November 26, 2010 Wonkette posting

Our art is s**t and our literature is empty, and both are ignored by all but a rapidly vanishing, self-conscious culture class. – November 26, 2010 Wonkette posting

The roads crumbling, the sewers backing up in the streets, the public schools starved of money and even the airports with their $200,000 backscatter x-ray machines are decaying and disgusting with their broken luggage conveyors and stinking toilets — this is a fading country dedicated to nothing more than building walls against invaders who don’t even want to invade. Why bother with invasion when you can cripple the most powerful military in the world with a printer cartridge shipped from Yemen or wherever? – November 26, 2010 Wonkette posting


We now have a president who grew up taking whatever drugs were around, never denied inhaling, and who has better than usual taste in music, at least for a politician. Is there any such thing as a counterculture when the president is a mixed-race former dope fiend who went to college hanging out with the punks and radicals at Occidental in east LA, and now has goddamned poetry slams and funk concerts in the White House? – June 7, 2009 interview question for R.U. Sirius


Dept. of Political Assassinations  —   Who Ordered the Execution of NFL/Army Hero Pat Tillman?

It’s almost too depressing to mention again, but let’s recap the Pat Tillman revelations from Army medical examiners and internal Pentagon reports released last week and find out what happens when famous football stars turned Army Heroes become anti-war critics  – July 31, 2007 posting on the Wonkette proposing Pat Tillman was assassinated


Rove’s re-election strategy was elegantly simple: Scare the bejesus out of Jesusland. F@ggots are headed your way! Satanic Muslims are hiding everywhere! That’s all it took to get Jesusland to do the job. Intellectual conservatives like the National Review staff are flattering themselves if they honestly believe Jesusland cares about conservative thought. The “reality-based” folks are learning that Jesusland doesn’t even care about jobs or the economy. In Jesusland, it’s all the will of Jesus. No job? No money? Daughter got her clit pierced? Jesus is just f*cking with you again, testing your faith. Got the cancer? Oh well. Soon you’ll be with Jesus. Reality is no match for a mystical world in which an all-powerful god is constantly toying with every detail of your mundane life, just to see what you’ll do about it. Keep praying and always keep your eye out for homosexuals and terrorists, and you will eventually be rewarded … all you have to do is die, and then it’s SuperJesusLand, where you will be a ghost floating in a magic cloud with all the other ghosts from Jesusland, with Jesus Himself presiding over an Eternal Church Service. – Blogger Ken Layne after Kerry went down to defeat in November 2004

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