Published On: Tue, Sep 3rd, 2013

Katie Couric looking for Lyme disease sufferers for upcoming episode of ‘Katie’

Have you had, or do you currently have Lyme disease?

This is what is posted on the website, katiecouric.com.

Katie host, Katie Couric is looking for people who have suffered or are currently dealing with Lyme disease for a future episode of the TV talk show.

Image/Video Screen Shot

Image/Video Screen Shot

They are looking for people to be on the show to share their story with the bacterial disease by answering questions like What were/are your symptoms?  and What do most people misunderstand about Lyme?

Lyme disease has been a big topic in the media lately after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released preliminary estimates of prevalence of Lyme disease, which revealed numbers that were 10-times more than the number of cases that are reported annually to the federal health agency.

The estimates indicate that the number of Americans diagnosed with Lyme disease each year is around 300,000.

If you are interested in sharing your story on Katie, go to the “Be on the Show” page on the website and fill out the requested information.




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  1. Scoot Caseau says:

    Hi Katie; I commend you for doing a story on the horrors of Lyme disease. I have been suffering with it for over 30 yrs; and probably will for the rest of my life. I would be more than happy to discuss it and all of the co-infections that i have lived with and continue to treat. I don’t need to be on the show; although I would if requested; but would like to convey my thoughts about how we as a group have been denied care; and continue to fight an uphill battle with legislation and the CDC/NIH/IDSA etc..
    Sincerely; Scoot Caseau

  2. Susan Fredericks says:

    I have the same story as many Lyme patients but I have tried to help others by being involved in a local support group. I try to write about LD as well. Yes, I miss my old self, the energy, my looks, my job, yet I continue to read to learn about the disease.

  3. Your Name... says:

    To my fellow Lymies worldwide: Over the last seven years, Lyme disease has taken so very much out of me and my family financially, physically, emotionally, and physically. But I have finally found relief in a single natural product that is made of a combination of highly-absorbable, high-potency, and high-quality vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Please, please, please check out my story and what this single product called THRIVE has done for me!

    Thank you, God, for the health I feel today! I cannot praise Him enough!

    I am blown away at the results I am having with Thrive so far, and it’s only been a week! Since my struggle with Lyme disease in 2007 through 2009 (in which I almost didn’t make it out alive,) I have had countless setbacks with my health, predominantly widespread joint and muscle pain, fatigue, and just not feeling like my old self. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, herniated disks, widespread arthritis in several vertebrae, hands and knees, as well as very painful arthritic bone-spurs in both feet, among many other things.

    I thought it was just the card I was dealt to have to deal with a lot of pain and health issues for the rest of my life, due to the damage to the joints, muscles, and nerves the lengthy illness had caused me. I have given many thanks over the past few years just to be alive and for the amazing but slow recovery I experienced from the low depths of Lyme Disease, yet I felt I would always be a “Lymie,” as we call ourselves in the online support group. It is so very hard to explain what chronic Lyme is like, unless you know someone or have experienced the disease for yourself, I can honestly say I have never experienced anything more painful and despairing than that sickness.

    Over this past week, I have experienced a remarkable change in the amount of pain I feel and the tiredness and lack of motivation that comes along with chronic pain. I finally started taking Thrive this week, (just the two capsules in the morning) more than three months after being given the samples by a good friend, Jessica Polonkay Starling, back in early June. I had tried everything before, (at least everything legal,) natural and unnatural, homeopathic and pharmaceutical, that had been prescribed or recommended by both medical and Naturopathic physicians. I assumed Thrive would be the same thing for me, just something else that wouldn’t really help me in relieving the pain. However, nothing has EVER, and I do mean ever helped me to this degree in this short amount of time. Not only is my pain level much lower so far, I am truly starting to feel healthy again! I am starting to feel like I did before Lyme, and that is a HUGE deal to me. It is such a blessing from God.

    I usually have to rest most of a Saturday, after a work week, because of the exhaustion and pain I feel in my back and feet. But today was different, really different. I was up about 2.5 hours earlier than the rest of my family, and not because I couldn’t sleep, but because I actually wanted to get up and get some work done. I haven’t had to stop to take breaks from yard work or housework today because of pain, and that is something I have had to do for many years now. I have accomplished so much more today than I generally do in a week around the house, and I am eager to be able to do more.

    I just wanted to share my thanks and my Praise report, in order to bring Honor and glory to Jesus Christ for the healing and health I am feeling through Him, through the amazing product of Thrive. I thank him that Thrive is made solely of His vitamins and minerals he created to heal us, and not something else pharmaceutical that will just suffice to “cover up” some of the pain, but causes other health problems. I thank Him that I had someone to offer this amazing product to me, although it took me three months to try it. (I keep reminding myself of the horse that’s been led to the water, but refuses to drink.)

    I danced around the house with my children today for the first time in six years, and I acted like a kid, because I could. Thank you, Jesus, for your blessings on me! Health is a wonderful thing! I pray that my friends who are suffering with constant or chronic pain for any reason will also be able to find relief through this product, as well. Don’t be the slow horse, like I was. I truly believe God was trying to answer my prayers for help with my health and pain, when Jessica gave me this product, and I cheated myself of three months time that I could have been rejoicing through health and working for Him. I am thankful today that I finally accepted His Gift!

  4. Resveratrol for Lyme | LymeClinics.com says:

    […] Katie Couric looking for Lyme disease sufferers for upcoming episode of ‘Katie’ […]

    • Sherry Smith says:

      My Dearest Katie, Thankyou for having a show on Lyme Disease. I have had it now for 18 years, My husband left me, took all the money, lost my home, and cannot work. I look good but have so many bad days. I would love to come on your show and be a guest to share my story, My Husband tryed to kill me , broke my left leg and tryed to make me into a drug addict to go off and marry another woman, I am pretty (62 yrs young), I also take care of my 86 and 89 yr old parents plus my self. I have a wonderful son and daughter in law and am going to be a grandmother in March…….I belong to he St Joesph Hospital here in kansas City Mo……..Want a treat and miracle it would be to ask me to come to your show and tell my story. Because my husband left me after having Lyme for 18 yrs and a Domestic Voilence survior………..I want people to know how serious this disease is. David Foster’s wife also has Lyme Disease and because she has money she is able to get the best care. I am on disability to survive each and every month. It has been very hard….But I stand strong and help others……….Sincerely Sherry Smith Please dont forget me……..I watch you every day………Your just Great and so Happy for you to start a new life for yourself……I pray one day someone will accept me too……..Love you Katie and your show………..!!!!!!!!!! Sherry

  5. Mona Kramer says:

    I was diagnosed with Lyme disease 3 years ago. I was tested for several things and my husband was the one that finally mentioned he wondered if I had Lyme disease. After 3 months of being ill, I was tested for Lyme and sure enough that is what I had. It was very difficult to find a doctor in my area of the United States that could help me. I took almost a years worth of antibiotics, which helped, but I still have long term effects of the disease. It has drastically changed my life. I have different symptoms, different weeks. I enjoy the good days, which are far and few between, and endure the bad. I would of never guessed a little tick could of changed my life as much as it has.

  6. Dawn Stewart says:

    2008 I became ill, partially paralyzed with various symptoms but not 1 of the MANY Doctors I saw (even the Mayo Clinic) suspected Lyme/ Rocky Mtn. Spotted fever. Lost my swallow, coordination, Etc. 5 years later and a feeding tube as my companion, a colleague of mine suggested a local Dr. I’m a NICU nurse and by nature we are reluctant to see a Doctor especially when they never knew what was the cause of many symptoms I had. I made an appointment and met his nurse and then in came this Godly man that reassured me we were gonna find out what was wrong. I thought,”sure you are…” First test came back Rocky Mtn and Lyme. We were shocked but happy there was really an answer and a local Dr. here to treat me. There was an alarming rate of friends and colleagues diagnosed at the same time. I chose to live in the country where a tick bite is as common as a mosquito bite. I didn’t know then how close I was to dying until later but my husband was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in the same week. Faith, Family and Friends came rushing to our rescue! And our lives will forever be changed because of it. Just another chapter in our book about life but one that can teach And reach many people facing the same challenges.

  7. Lois Daniels says:

    Hi, I have had Lyme for 7 years. Got bit in 07 and went to the doctor to have the tick cut out cause he was in to deep to pull out. They cut him out and said don’t worry there is no Lyme in Kansas. So I got sick a month later and been sick since. Went to doctor after doctor only to be told it was something else.In 2011 saw a thing on the internet about a guy 30 miles from me that had it and had been going from doctor to doctor and finely found out by going to MO. to a lyme doctor, so I contacted him and his wife and they told me how to get hold of the doctor and in 2011 I was tested and I had lyme. It has been a hard fight just to do my everyday things. I spend day after day in bed or just laying around. Before all this I was on the go 24/7. I drove a truck and went from state to state and drove here just in Kansas and it was hard work cause we hauled rock and sand and salt and had to roll a tarp 12 or more times a day. But no way could I do it today. My boyfriend owns a truck and I can’t even go ride with him for one day or I,m in so much pain for days after.I have tried my best to tell everyone about this Lyme because I would not like to see anyone go through what I have to. I hardly leave my house because of it.People need to know it does not matter where you live, Lyme is every where now and they still say it is not.There have been too many days to count that I just wish when the tick bit me I would have died instead of go through this. I call it a slow painful death and that’s just how it feels.I have tried about anything that I hear will cure it but there is none that work. I so miss my life cause Lyme stole it from me.Something needs to be done to stop the ticks from infecting people some how with killing them off or the need to find a cure or something to prevent it. How many more people have to live like this before they do something. All I can say is pray to God you never get it cause you will wish you was dead.All this check your kids and check your self when you come in still don’t help, cause some times you can’t find them cause they are so small and get in hair and if you have alot of hair you can’t find them.Life was great till 07 and that’s when my life ended.It’s hard to watch the world go on around you and wish it was you out there doing all them things.Hope and pray that they find something to cure us and that more people don’t get it. God Bless. Thanks for letting me share this with you and hope it helps some one else. Lois

  8. John Green says:

    My wife and I went to Arkansas diamond of crater about 7 years ago camping and looking for diamonds.We always love treasure hunting.
    In the evening at our camp ground betty and I plus are 3 dogs was sitting outside our motorhome, I went in to get a shower and noticed I had these tiny spots on my body. At a closer look they were ticks all over my body over 30 tick on each of us, they were all over are dogs to, it took most of the night removing the ticks the wrong way I learned at a later time. The next day I told the park Rangers if we would be ok and they said sure and we will get are maintenance man to spray your campground. We got the heck out of there and went home. I wish I would have known about lyme disease then like I do now, because I definitely would have went to the doctors and got 2 weeks of antibiotics and it would have killed the Lyme in my body but now it’s to late. I feel really sick everyday and it’s getting worse. Here below is a article I found on the web about ticks in Arkansas.

    Since then I have been tested positive for Lyme with IGeneX in california, My wife of 30 years left me because she could not handle me being sick and bed ridden most of the time, and are family does not know were she lives now for almost 8 months now, I believe since I have Lyme then she has it to. 2 out of my 3 dogs/babies have passed away.

    I’m unemployed, my home is in foreclosure, im broke, my boys help me some with my utilities. I dont know how to get help for treatment, im on food stamps but thats it.

    Before getting bit by the ticks I used to be a millionaire, I had several rentals, a 40ft. Motorhome, a brand new zo6 corvette, went on vacations all the time and now thats all gone.

    Now I have lost my sole mate of 30 years, 2 of my babies has passed and soon I will be homeless. I wish disease on no one. My family does not support me with my lyme, I’m pretty much alone on this one, im just hoping for a miracle that some day that someone will help me get treatment and the most important thing (I need my sole mate back Betty, I’m lost without her)

    My name is John green, 47 years old
    [email protected]

    Wednesday, May 1, 2013
    Protect Yourself during Tick Season
    Arkansas has some of the highest levels of tick-related illnesses of any state in the nation and we are expecting another big year. In 2012, over 900 cases of tick-related illness were reported to the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH). Five of these cases resulted in death. Cases were found in 63 counties, with illnesses occurring every month of the year but peaking in June. Because many of these illnesses go unreported, the actual number of persons sick from tick-related illness is much higher.

    According to Susan Weinstein, DVM, MPH, Zoonotic Disease Section Chief at ADH, “Tick-related illnesses are serious and can be deadly if not treated properly. It is very important that people realize the seriousness of the infections that some ticks can carry, and to see their doctor if ill. Thankfully, we can prevent many of these infections if we become aware of the risks and take some simple precautions.”

    In Arkansas, ticks can be active year-round, but are most active in spring and summer (April – September). The best way to avoid tick-related illness is to avoid tick bites. You can reduce the risk of getting disease from ticks by following these tips:
    Avoid tick-infested areas such as tall grass and dense vegetation.
    Tuck your pants into your socks or boots.
    Wear light-colored clothing to make it easier to find crawling ticks.
    Use products with no more than 30 percent DEET for your skin when you are in areas that could have ticks and use permethrin on clothing and gear. Make sure to follow all directions on the bottle.
    Check yourself, your children and your pets often for ticks.
    Bathe or shower within two hours after being where ticks live to find and wash off ticks that may be crawling on you.
    To remove a tick from your skin, use a pair of clean fine-tipped tweezers, and grab the tick as close to the skin as possible. Pull the tick upwards at a steady pace. This prevents the mouth
    parts from breaking off and staying in your skin. If the mouth parts do break off, clean the tweezers and attempt to remove the mouth parts. If you cannot remove the parts just leave them in. Clean the bite area and your hands with soap and water.

    Several tick-related illnesses are common Arkansas. These include Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Tularemia and Lyme disease.

    Please contact your doctor if you experience the following symptoms:
    muscle pain
    abdominal pain
    To learn more about tick-related illnesses and see photos of common ticks in Arkansas, visit: http://www.healthy.arkansas.gov/programsServices/infectiousDisease/zoonoticDisease/Pages/Tick-BorneDisease.aspx.
    Contact: Office of Health Communications and Marketing
    Ed Barham, 501-280-4147

  9. Beth Van Handel says:

    If you visit the above website you will learn a little about me. I am a 28 year teacher of High School Special Education English. I was bit by a tick around 5 years ago. My son had Lyme about 8 years ago. I made sure his treatment was aggressive and long enough to provide a permanent cure. I however, was not so good to myself. I received short term antibiotics and then spent about 1 1/2 years feeling sick and going to many different doctors until I finally was re-diagnosed with Lyme and began the long journey that I am currently on.

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    […] At their smallest, the ticks are the size of a poppy seed. (Photo: Getty Images) …Katie Couric looking for Lyme disease sufferers for upcoming episode of 'Katie'The Global DispatchVt. Health Dept. unveils 'tick-tracker' websiteBoston.comUntracked […]

  13. The World Lyme Tymes | Katie Couric Wants to Here From LYME PATIENTS! says:

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  14. Delaware, Vermont have highest Lyme disease rates – USA TODAY | HNP says:

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    […] At their smallest, the ticks are the size of a poppy seed. (Photo: Getty Images) …Katie Couric looking for Lyme disease sufferers for upcoming episode of 'Katie'The Global DispatchVt. Health Dept. unveils 'tick-tracker' websiteBoston.comDelaware Leads […]

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