Published On: Mon, Apr 12th, 2021

Juxtaposing Purpose and Livelihood: The Two Entrepreneurs Behind ThriveOn

Have you ever pondered about how advancements in technology, medicine, and other fields will help solve humanity’s problems of today and the future? As a society, we are constantly plagued by the modern if’s, what’s, and why’s of the world, with many questions going unanswered or the answers themselves leading to harmful conflict. How can we achieve global change and reach solutions to many worldly issues when we are so consumed with fighting with each other?

Enter ThriveOn, a platform created to be a powerful central hub for educational enlightenment and collaborative solutions for global issues. Led by CEO and Producer, Director, and Co-Writer of THRIVE I and THRIVE II, Kimberly Carter Gamble, and President, Foster Gamble, ThriveOn is the brainchild of these two entrepreneurs and their mission to inspire innovation and alternate solutions towards bettering the world.

“What can we do to learn how to live harmoniously with each other?” asks Kimberly, claiming that conflict is the main obstacle blocking human progression. “While it’s impossible for all of society to come into complete agreement, how can we take opposing views and disagreeing sides and use them to reach solutions commensurate to the challenges we face?”

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“That is the goal of ThriveOn,” says Foster. Citing his natural love of creativity and curiosity, Foster aims for ThriveOn to educated and inspire future entrepreneurs and creators to use their passions to better benefit the world through collaboration and innovation. “With my life’s research into major problem solving, the number one necessity is education. People need to be exposed to compelling, coherent perspectives so they can begin to start thinking differently.” As part of providing education, ThriveOn creates and hosts various media on its website to broaden critical thinking about bettering the world.

At the heart of ThriveOn’s media is the platform’s two documentaries: THRIVE I: What on Earth Will it Take? (2011) and the newly released THRIVE II: This is What it Takes (2020). In looking to provide awareness of the world’s many problems, the two documentaries focus on breakthroughs in science, innovation, and other related fields. With the first THRIVE documentary breaking over 90 million views and being translated into 27 different languages, it has become one of the most widely seen documentaries in history, with its viral success leading to a sequel and further cultural impact and success for ThriveOn.

“I really like to see informed conversations about many of our world’s issues as a result of our content,” says Kimberly. “The first documentary was really about starting this awakening of consciousness, getting society to realize that they can wake up and help solve problems on an individual level.” Foster adds that the success and outreach of the first documentary “attracted contacts by over 1000 innovators from all over the world. This inspired six years of traveling and investigating the best solutions in the fields of health, environment, energy, and consciousness expansion. One of the inventors and one of the entrepreneurs that we actually feature in THRIVE II were some of those awakened to their life’s mission through the help of THRIVE I. We were so touched by the impact our documentary helped create and so motivated by the new innovations we were seeing, that we knew we had to make a second film.”

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photo/ Michael Jarmoluk via pixabay.com

Emerging from the global popularity of the documentaries, The Thrive Movement website provides articles and other materials regarding the problem areas discussed in THRIVE I and THRIVE II. Strongly focused on ThriveOn’s mission to help others navigate through the challenges of life, the site offers a media hub of self-published and hosted content that discusses possibilities for creating opportunities for every person to thrive.

“We chose to create a media hub because we think that visual media has the best potential to reach so many people,” states Kimberly. “I’ve never been after career development so much as I’ve been after global transformation. I designed my career around what I thought would be the most globally transformative thing to do and I want our content to similarly inspire that in others.” Stating that THRIVE II will be their last major documentary, ThriveOn is now shifting focus towards their subscription-based Freedom Portal, an “interactive online show” broadcast from the ThriveOn website three times a month. A monthly subscription to ThriveOn via their Freedom Portal allows access to their media hub, including anytime access to THRIVE II, additional footage of inventions and interviews, access to the ThriveOn Worldview Pioneer Series (a series of “round table discussions featuring cutting edge experts from different fields where audience members can learn and have public Q&A,” that is hosted by Foster), and more.

As part of a future update to their current model, ThriveOn is also currently working on their Thrive Solutions Model. Designed as a toolkit to help people organize and work towards solutions via the internet, the ThriveOn Solution Hub will act as a digital meeting place, connecting people from all over the world with availability in 40 different languages. A grand step on their part of inspiring collaborative effort to help fix issues, Kimberly states that connecting to others can be sorted by any one issue or region, “helping users share resources and accomplish change in a more streamlined way.” Through the access to their Solution Hub and education and awareness from their documentaries and other content, ThriveOn looks to push towards independent creative innovation and alternate solutions, opening up “further entrepreneurship and manifesting new frontiers towards global change,” in the process.

“Ultimately, it’s about providing insights and tools that help, in Martin Luther King Jr.’s words, “people who love change and peace to be as organized as people who love war,” concludes Kimberly. “I’ve always supported free-thinking and I believe that by accepting new paradigms and alternatives, we can unite and change the world for the better.”

Foster adds, “We believe transformative action is most sustainable when it’s profitable. That’s the vital power of entrepreneurship.”

THRIVE II: This is What it Takes is now available to stream via ThriveOn.com

Author: Uttam Singh

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