Published On: Wed, Apr 3rd, 2019

June Zwan’s List of the Best Hiking Trails in Yuma, Arizona

Are you in search of the ultimate hike near the Colorado in Arizona, then stay tuned because June Zwan (a native to Yuma) will break down the best trails to visit while there and some tips to make it the most fun you’ve ever had.

Avid adventurer June Zwan is a renowned naturalist who loves exploring the wild and wonderful outdoors. Her experience as a mountaineer speaks for itself with over 3,100 trails completed on 4 continents.

June has traveled across the world’s biggest boulder found in the Scottish town, Colorado. Situated near Olde Stage Rd, only 80,302 people have visited the town so far, making it one of Arizona’s hidden treasures. She suggests everyone take their camera along as there are lots to capture. Here are some of her favorite hiking hotspots in Yuma.

1.    Telegraph Pass trail

The Telegraph Pass Trail is her favorite hiking trail in Yuma, Arizona. This 5.3 mile loop trail is a beautiful hiking path that people love. With beautiful flowers around, the trail proves easy even for beginners. Reaching the top exudes a heavenly feeling, thanks to the picturesque backdrop. Since the path is paved, hiking wouldn’t be as challenging as you’d imagine. Upon reaching the top, the bird’s view of Yuma and Welton is magnificent. The 360-degree view of the city from the peak is worth every step was taken in the 5.3-mile journey.

Telegraph Pass Trail – Photo by June Zwan

2.    Laguna Mountain Ridge

Backpacking to the Laguna Mountain Ridge can be a once in a lifetime experience. This is her second favorite trail because of the wildlife and greenery around. However, the distance is 15.4 miles which is almost thrice as much as the Telegraph Pass. But she believes that it can be covered quickly as there are no major boulders to cross. She advises young adults in her lessons to carry a stick while going on this trip as they may see snakes in the bushes.

3.     Pilot Knob Mesa

This is third on June’s list of the best hiking trails in Yuma, Arizona. Compared to the last two trails, this one is much easier as you only must traverse through 1.4 miles. Many avid hikers who are enthusiastic about rock climbing find this trail to be suitable for them. It hardly takes an hour or slightly more for first-time hikers to complete the entire trail. There is a flag at the top to guide hikers toward the proper route.

4.    Fortuna Peak

Fortuna Peak is one of the iconic trails in Yuma, Arizona. It is the crash site of WWII B-17. This 6.6-mile loop trail is considered by many as the most beautiful hiking path in Yuma. The road leading to the top is filled with wildflowers, and that’s why it is a very dear hiking spot for June. It is an excellent place to watch birds and enjoy the peace that nature offers.

June has also taken the initiative to teach young adults about wildlife preservation and how to take care of the environment. She is a believer in living life to the fullest. Her mother’s advice about celebrating every moment is what inspires her every day. Her memory of her mother driving her around in an LQQ-011 Thunderbird continues to linger in her mind. That’s what gives her the belief to take on the Highlands and cross the rough terrains, always ready and willing to face the challenges that may come her way.

Author: Matthew Perrt

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