Published On: Sun, Sep 2nd, 2018

‘Jumanji 3’ will link to the first film, Jake Kasdan discusses possibilities, timelines

Director Jake Kasdan attended the ABC party for the Television Critics Association in support of Speechless and Fresh Off the Boat, shows he executive produces, and spoke briefly of his upcoming Jumanji 3.

Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan are slated to return for a Jumanji sequel as their respective avatars in the game: Smolder Bravestone, Sheldon Oberon, Franklin Finbar and Ruby Roundhouse.

When asked if a new cast of kid will be behind the controllers, Kasdan said “We’re just figuring all of that out now.”

During the Slash Film coverage, they theorized that the characters may switch: “That way Johnson, Black, Hart and Gillan could play each other’s personalities from the previous movie. Kasdan indicated I’m onto something here.”

“It’s a good idea,” Kasdan said.

Kasdan confirmed it would likely remain a video game.

“I believe it’ll be sort of a continuation of that idea, yeah,” Kasdan said.

Fans really enjoyed that Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was not a remake but a sequel to the 1995 Robin Williams movie. The board game his character disposed of re-emerges in a 1996 prologue, and Nick Jonas’s character reveals he’s been living in Alan Parrish’s jungle fort.

“Our hope is to keep a long continuity through the whole thing, even though the story that we’re telling in the second movie, the movie that we’re working on right now is much more connected to the first movie that I made a year ago than it is to the original,” Kasdan said.

“We love the idea of keeping all of this together and connected in some way or another.”

Kasdan was asked about the timeline, keeping it all straight.

“The original has this very sort of complex narrative shape in terms of timeline,” Kasdan said. “When we were making my first movie, that took a bit of wrapping and unwrapping to figure out, but I’ve always loved that idea which is that by winning, you return to where you went in. So we kept that idea from the original movie and used it in a different way in our movie.”

Kasdan is still aiming for a Christmas 2019 release, though he’ll have to finish the script and assess it then.

“We’re going for it,” Kasdan said. “We’ll have a better idea in a few months.”

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