Published On: Fri, Feb 17th, 2012

Joy Behar compares Virginia Ultrasound bill to ‘Taliban’

Joy Behar on “The View” went after the Virginia bill, adding ultrasound testing to the pre-abortion protocols, denouncing it as “so frickin’ intrusive to a woman’s body” and making comparisons to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Responding to a question from Whoopi Goldberg about her concerns, Behar said “There’s a couple of bills pending in Virginia. One of them is that women will be required to undergo sonograms, ultrasound when they are about to have an abortion and the other one is that if a heartbeat isn’t detected, then they will get a trans-vaginal ultrasound which is basically going into the vagina and very intrusive.”

Video screenshot from "The View"

Video screenshot from “The View”

She continued: “Now, there is no — as far as I can tell there is no other Procedure including MRIs and cancer treatments that are mandated. This is- would be a mandated treatment for girls who are pregnant to see the child, the infant, the fetus- (Barbara Walters corrects her to use the term fetus) -whatever at that point is before they get the abortion and if they can’t hear a heartbeat then they will have to undergo an ultrasound vaginal sonogram which I had one of those. I had one of those because I had benign tumors on my ovaries a few years ago and it was extremely intrusive and invasive.”

“It’s uncomfortable. I agree with you,” Elisabeth Hasselbeck interjected.

“It’s like, what are we? What is this, the Taliban now? What are we, in Afghanistan? Where are we exactly in this country?” Behar then asked. (Emphasis added, The Dispatch)

Hasselbeck tries to stop her, but Behar ranted: -be so frickin intrusive on a woman’s body…And force her to have this procedure. It’s outrageous!

There was discussion over the mandate with Walters pointing out that the “right to have an abortion” is law of the land.

CBS News.com desribed the Virginia law this way:

One issue that has come under the microscope with relation to the ultrasound bill is its requirement that some women undergo a transvaginal ultrasound probe, which is considered more physically invasive than other procedures.

While the bill does not explicitly mandate the use of transvaginal ultrasounds, many women would inevitably be required to undergo them; in the early stages of pregnancy, that procedure is often the only form of ultrasound that can detect a fetus’ heartbeat.


Focus on the Family performed a poll and reported that 78% who have an ultrasound choose NOT to have the abortion. This has been widely embraced by the pro-life movement and published in a popular Time Magazine article.

 photo Ivon19 via wikimedia commons

photo Ivon19 via wikimedia commons

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