Published On: Tue, Apr 2nd, 2013

Jon Hamm talks ‘Mad Men’ season 6, reintroducing Don Draper and directing an episode

Next week will be the return of AMC’s hit series Mad Men, heading into the sixth season. Star Jon Hamm talked about the new season, the approach to his character and even directing another episode during an April 2 interview with Digital Spy.

mad-men-season-six-jon hamm“Well, I feel fairly comfortable in my position on the show – I don’t feel like they’re going to fire me at any particular moment! So, that being that, I trust Matthew [Weiner] as a storyteller first and foremost. I think he has an ability to craft a pretty compelling story, both with and without words.

“I hope people enjoy the first episode – it’s a very interesting stylistic choice, but I think it works. It’s a very provocative way to reintroduce people to Don. I enjoyed it simply because I didn’t have to talk for the first few days of production!”

Hamm is alluding to is character’s lack of dialogue in the first episode of season 6. Draper has to evolve with the times, both in the industry, but with the world.

“At this particular juncture – in not only American history but world history – there’s such a seismic shift of relevance between the older generation and the younger generation. The younger generation is really taking over every conversation, whether it’s music or theatre or television or film or even politics. The youth is having such an impact on all forms of expression.

mad-men-season-six-photo on stairs“So I think Don is certainly someone that is feeling his relevance slip away, and for someone who trades in being smart and sharp and on observing human nature, I think that’s potentially devastating.”

Hamm also returned as a director on one episode, but says starting out was much more difficult.

“It was a lot harder this season, because I was in a lot more of the episode than I was last season. But you only get so many opportunities to challenge yourself – this was definitely one of them and I very much appreciated it.”

Check the full interview with Hamm here, and watch the return April 7.

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