Published On: Sat, Oct 19th, 2013

John Lithgow discusses White Rabbit, ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ saying ‘It’s the coolest job I’ve ever had’

The ABC spinoff fantasy series Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, Alice (Sophie Lowe) tells an impossible tale of a strange new land that exists on the other side of a rabbit hole, with an invisible cat, a smoking caterpillar and playing cards that can talk.

During an interview with Collider 3rd Rock From the Sun star John Lithgow discusses voicing another fantastical creature in Alice’s world: White Rabbit.

once-upon-a-time-in-wonderland-white-rabbit“It’s a lovely idea.  I knew a lot about Once Upon A Time, so I knew they would do it very stylishly.  But beyond anything else, good lord, I get to play a major role without ever showing up.  It’s the coolest job I’ve ever had.  Recording the voice of the White Rabbit is wonderful fun, and it only lasts an hour or so, every few weeks.  It’s great!”

Entertaining for kids is part of the appeal for Lithgow.

“I do a lot of entertaining for kids, and I write books and do concerts for kids, so it’s right in my wheelhouse.  But what’s nice about Once Upon A Time in Wonderland is that it’s cross-over entertainment that families can watch with their kids.  That’s something I always loved about 3rd Rock from the Sun.  Grown adults often tell me that they used to sit, as children with their parents, and watch 3rd Rock from the Sun, and they would all enjoy it for completely different reasons.  I think that’s part of the magic of the show.”

Lithgow gives more credit to the show’s creators for bringing Rabbit to life.

“You’re complimenting me, but I’m just a part of a team that created that rabbit.  I happen to agree with you, but I was seeing the rabbit for the first time, when I saw the show.  I do the voice to picture.  They show me what they have shot.  But, the rabbit is not finished yet.  It’s hilarious.  I see an extremely unfinished version of what you’ve seen.  The only thing that’s really done are the performances of the human beings.  All the sets around them are very temporary, and the rabbit is sometimes just a little motorized vehicle with a pole with a red tip, so they have something to look at.  Or sometimes he’s a white cut-out that moves a little bit, but has no facial expressions.  So, I do all that I can with the voice, and the animators take what I’ve done and give it this marvelous life.  All those little expressions you see, the drooping ears and his body language is all theirs.  That all happens after I record my voice.  They do have a little camera that watches what I do, so I can take maybe 3% credit for what they come up with.”

Check out the full interview here

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    Please read me review of the second episode lostboy3.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/once-upon-time-in-wonderland-trust-me.html

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