Published On: Thu, Mar 8th, 2018

John Bolton: The fall of Saddam did not make Iran stronger

It’s amazing and frightening that Donald Trump is considering former UN Ambassador, John Bolton as a possible replacement for National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster if he departs. And that was BEFORE his appearance with Tucker Carlson last night.

Fmr. Amb. John Bolton
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It was as thick as pea soup on the set of Tucker Carlson Tonight Wednesday as the host, and the guy who favored every recent military conflict the US has been in in recent decades, went back and forth.

Bolton, who has promoted military action against Iran numerous times, stated that his view remains that Iran presents the most danger to the US, despite Iran not being linked to attacks in the US, like for example, Saudi Arabia has been.

Carlson asked and incredibly common-sensed question, “I think you’ll concede that Saddam was the greatest counterbalance to Iran, and they were empowered by his fall.” Which the warmonger chided Carlson by saying, “I think your analysis is simpleminded, frankly”.

“The Iranian threat which stems from the revolution of 1979, was underway quite apart from what Saddam hussein was doing. The Iranians tried to get nuclear weapons for 25 years.”

“But you don’t think the fall of Saddam Hussein made Iran stronger?” Carlson asked.

“The fall of Saddam, no it did not make Iran stronger. What made Iran stronger ultimately was the withdrawal of American forces in 2011,” Bolton answered. “I think the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, that military action was a resounding success. I think the mistakes that were made subsequently, setting up the coalition provisional authority and others that followed from it, are lessons about what to do after a regime is overthrown.”

“I’d also point out because of President Bush’s surge policy, when his administration ended, stability had returned to Iraq,” he continued. “It was not a place you would go for vacation, but he turned it over to Barack Obama, and it fell apart subsequently. The point I think you need to understand is that life is complicated in the Middle East.”

Only made more complicated by the likes of Mr. Bolton and his horrible ideas.

The smug Bolton ridiculed Carlson by ending the interview with a jab- “It’s your long experience in foreign policy”, as if his years in foreign policy has helped the United States one iota.


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