Published On: Tue, Jun 11th, 2013

John Bolton and John Boehner call NSA ‘whistleblower’ Edward Snowden a ‘traitor’

The word “traitor” is being thrown around with increasing frequency among some influential Republicans of late since the recent revelations by Edward Snowden to The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald.

John Bolton on Fox NewsFirst, Speaker of the House, John Boehner said in an interview with George Stephanopoulos, “He’s a traitor. The President outlined last week that these were important national security programs to help keep Americans safe, and give us tools to fight the terrorist threat that we face.”

“The disclosure of this information, puts Americans at risk, it shows our adversaries what are capabilities are and it’s a giant violation of the law.”

Then on Newsmax TV, former Ambassador John Bolton also chimed in on Snowden, calling him a traitor and saying he “committed an act of war against the United States.”

Bolton criticized Libertarians like former Congressman Ron Paul, who said that Snowden “did a great service to the nation” as too simplistic.

“Treason is the only crime defined in the Constitution and it talks about waging war against the United States — which this is — and giving aid and comfort to our enemies, and God knows they’ve gotten a lot of aid and comfort from this release,” Bolton said.

Bolton also calls Snowden “deceitful and dishonest”. Then Bolton asks, “Who died and made him king (speaking of Snowden)? Who gave him the authority to endanger 300 million Americans?

Bolton blames Barack Obama’s poor management style as at least part of the problem with the way the NSA leak has been handled.

“This is a real failing of Barack Obama, who before becoming elected president had never managed anything bigger than a Senate office and it almost seems like he doesn’t even know where part of his federal government is.

“I’m wondering really if he understood or paid attention when he was being told about these various NSA programs,” he said.




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