Published On: Mon, Feb 17th, 2014

Joelle Carter talks ‘Justified’ season 5, Ava’s twist and her biggest surprise is yet to come

The FX hit show Justified shocked fans as twists and turns continue and the latest is Ava’s storyline.

Justified-walton-goggins-joelle-carter season 5 photoJust as Ava is set to be released, she is framed for an assault on a prison guard (Albert) and actress Joelle Carter discusses the sudden turn for her character with TV Line.

“I thought it was so brilliantly [in the style of the late novelist] Elmore Leonard.… It was such a dynamic twist, because [Albert] took any powers he had left and was just like, “I’m going to control your destiny now.” It was so sad…It was a gut punch. And also like, ‘What is he doing?’”

Carter offers her opinion of Albert, his “end game” and not heeding the warnings that she’s protected. Fans want to know what’s next for the couple and how they survive this twist.

“I think they would’ve been OK if she’d gotten out [as planned]. [Being apart] was tough on them. But now, I think it’s all about self, basically. He’s on this journey to help Ava, but he gets pretty wrapped up in it and becomes more of a kind of internal journey for him and then for her. He’s out there scrambling, and he just keeps getting road-blocked, while she’s imprisoned discovering a whole new world. We will get to see how she handles it and then what that means for them.”

Carter drops a big teaser when asked what’s the “most surprising scene or character choice for you this season”

It’s coming up. I think it’s in the next episode; Ava makes a really defined choice because of the circumstance. She realizes that she’s kind of on her own and now she has to step up, and what does that mean to her? Who is she going to have to become to do that? People are saying, “Oh, the old Boyd’s back,” that it’s kind of a new version of the old Boyd that’s even darker and more dangerous, and I’ve said it before: At the end of the season, neither of them will be the same people. I don’t know what that means as far as their union, if it’s savable or if it’s going to be redefined also.”

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