Published On: Sat, Aug 28th, 2010

Joe Scarborough echoes my political transformation

I enjoyed Joe Scarborough’s books and respect his comments, especially his voice on MSNBC, but I never thought I’d find or hear my story through a former member of Congress.

While wandering around Target I picked up GQ magazine to check out a couple of interviews etc…one being Joe Scarborough who was discussing how he idolized the Beatles and described his meeting Paul McCartney. Past the superfluous exterior was this bold statement:

“And that’s the funny thing. When I got to Congress, I was considered one of the really tough, hard-charging conservatives. And somehow I morphed from being this right wing nut to now being seen as this moderate, mushy, left-leaning Republican. And I’m the same guy! Which may tell you where the Republican Party’s gone. They changed for the worst in every way. They haven’t become more conservative. They’ve become more liberal. They’ve spent us into debt. They’ve adopted a Woodrow Wilson foreign policy where they want to save the world through democracy, through American blood and treasure. They’re not conservative, they’re radical! The area where they’re seen as conservatives is their rhetoric—where they’re harsh. That’s where they need to be moderate. We’ve gotten it wrong. We need to be conservative on spending people’s money, but moderate like Reagan on temperament. Reagan didn’t hate anybody.”

photo/ donkeyhotey

photo/ donkeyhotey

Most of my college friends would have described me a strong liberal, anti-war and pro-social change, but now I’m some sort of far right, brainwashed nut. Well, after 9/11 I witnessed all of our “leaders” turn to hollow Bush hating as the same liberals that supported President Clinton’s “Patriot Act” were now screaming against Bush’s plan.

Just as Rush Limbaugh called Scarborough a “neutered, chickified moderate”, I heard the right-wing machine levy nickname and insult at everyone on the left. John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, John Murtha didn’t represent my country any better or worse than Tom Delay, Karl Rove or John McCain.

These are all a bunch of radicals (to share the phrase with Joe) and I can’t relate to any of them.

I struggled for years thinking that the Bush administration had a “fight to win and come home attitude” but I was wrong. Incredibly wrong.

Also wrong; however, are the anti-war nuts led by Michael Moore’s propaganda, that Bush was any different than his liberal counterparts. Atleast Cindy Sheehan got herself arrested screaming at President Obama as well. Most Democrats fell lock-step in line behind the Obama machine believing America’s foreign policy would change – it’s gotten worse.

I remember my first (maybe it was the second) “State of the Nation” where I railed against Ted Stevens and Sarah Palin, supported Ron Paul’s effort to “Audit the Fed”, criticized the TARP bailout which BOTH parties agreed upon and accurately predicted Sonia Sotomoyer would replace Judge David Souter who had just retired.

What I also began, was a string of criticisms and questions for President Obama – I was a racist. I couldn’t handle a black President, I was brainwashed by FOX News and other talking heads…on and on and on.

I couldn’t win.

The GQ interview discussed Joe’s “trophies”:
His treasured Roy Lichtenstein print of Bobby Kennedy, signed: “For Joe, with great respect for your public service.… Bobby would be proud of you. Your friend, Ted Kennedy.” His Tim Russert tie that Mike Barnicle gave him when Russert died. A photo of Sarah Palin ripped from GQ. (“You guys didn’t do Sarah any favors with that picture.”) Ronald Reagan’s Chesterfield cigarette ad. A note from Chevy Chase: “To Joe, thanks for my f***ing mug.” The Sgt. Pepper’s album cover. Of course. Jack Kennedy, in an iconic campaign photo—which Joe has adorned with stickers of big-boobed women and a thought bubble: “I love Hooters.” (Did you do that? “I did. I respect the Kennedys, but no need to saint anybody.”) His four kids. (His two sons from his first marriage are grown, and he has a 6-year-old and a 2-year-old with Susan.) A warm note from Bush 41. “He’s a great guy, and gracious in a way that his sons aren’t.” A signed photo of him and Bill Clinton that “always drew big laughs from my liberal friends. They’d say, ‘With appreciation for what? Impeaching him?'”

Come wander around my Florida room and you can see why Joe Scarborough and I may be cut from the same cloth. I tend to have more of a Pop Culture flavor, but the Newsweek “We’re All Socialists Now” magazine rests near the Green Lantern picture autographed by GL creator Mart Nodell.

As Scarborough describes how proud he is to have survived MSNBC, despite the desire to toss him out “because of his politics”, I realized that’s how I felt juggling two columns on CrazedFanboy.com before being cast out – because of my politics.

The battles are being waged and the “war” is far from over.

Scarborough echoes my transformation because it’s “States Rights”:

On abortion: “That’s just not my business.” On gay marriage: “Why do I care what two men are doing in Des Moines, Iowa? Let the Supreme Court and the legislature sort that out.” But if you were making the decision? “I think I’m more libertarian. And I understand all of the concerns that everybody has. On both sides. But I don’t obsess over it. It’s just none of my business. I’m not o”ended if Alabama wants to ban gay marriage and ban abortions, and I’m not o”ended if New York wants to permit it.”

My lifelong homosexual friend has all been disowned me because I’m not taking up the fight for gay marriage, but in fact, arguing that the “Means doesn’t justify the ends” and their movement cannot be trusted to leave churches and schools out of this battle. I didn’t think that was “homophobia” but evidently, it is.

The Constitution and the States’ powers are being trampled by the Federal machine. It doesn’t matter if a Republican or a Democrat is driving because the only difference is what they will be driving over NOT if they will do it.

Lastly was Joe Scarborough talking about leaving Congress to be with his son. I was recently attacked and told go spend more time with my family instead of writing on DOB, or more specifically, railing against the garbage on TV that I don’t want my kids to see. I love how people lash out against you personally as their arguments unravel.

I don’t know Joe Scarborough, but I know that I’d rather promote Joe Scarborough, his show and his family than Newt Gingrich or President Obama for President.


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