Published On: Tue, Jan 26th, 2016

Joe Scarborough: Bill Clinton sounds like a loser while attacking Bernie Sanders

On Monday’s Morning Joe, after airing Bill Clinton’s recent attack on Bernie Sanders, Joe Scarborough said “I know I’m listening to a loser.” Check out the video clip below.

Scarborough added that: “I’m listening to somebody that’s losing, that’s saying ‘oh, they’ve got better slogans, oh, they’ve got better this, their polls may be a little higher now, or oh, they may be more angry, but –‘ I’ve heard that form of speech a thousand times. And it’s never good for the one giving it.”

Scarborough singled out as a mistake Clinton’s line that Sanders sounded “madder” than Hillary. That was a “softball,” said Scarborough, pointing to Sanders’ comeback in which he readily admitted to being angry over a string of perceived injustices in the country.

Newsbusters transcript (Emphasis added):

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Both Clinton and Sanders barnstormed Iowa over the weekend. Sanders was defiant of recent attacks from the Clinton campaign, saying they were running a desperate campaign lacking excitement and he fought back these comments from former President Bill Clinton.

BILL CLINTON: We gotta tell people who think that may be lured by people that say this other guy is madder than she is. [ Laughter ] And that feels authentic. And besides, these slogans are easier to say.[Laughter] And I say that in no disrespect. I admire that.

SANDERS: He was somewhere, I think maybe in Nevada, and he said, you know, Bernie Sanders is angry. That’s true. I plead guilty. I am angry. I am angry and millions of Americans are angry. We are angry that our people are working longer hours for lower wages. We are angry that our criminal justice system is broken. And we’re angry that we have a corrupt campaign finance system that allows billionaires to buy elections. [ Applause ]

MIKA: Joe, the same — similar response that Donald Trump had to Nikki Haley. Yes, yes, we’re angry.

JOE: You’re damn right I’m angry and it — it was just a powerful moment for Bernie Sanders. I mean, Bill Clinton got the laugh lines, but, Sam Stein, you don’t have to be a political expert to know who’s in a better position there — the establishment candidate deriding the outsider for saying he’s angry or the outsider that says, yeah, you know what? I am angry. It’s like a softball pitch. I mean no disrespect to Bill Clinton, I really don’t. And I’m not talking about him generally, but specifically in that scene when I hear those words coming out of a politician’s mouth, I know I’m listening to a loser. I’m listening to somebody that is losing, that’s saying, “oh, they’ve got better slogans, oh, they’ve got better this, oh, their polls may be a little higher now or, oh, they may be more angry. But –” I’ve heard that form of that speech a thousand times and it’s never good for the one giving it. 


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