Published On: Wed, Apr 25th, 2018

Jobs You Might Want To Consider in the Legal Field

Jobs are automated with new technology what seems to be every day. This has made quite a few stable jobs vanish due to lack of demand for the skills necessary. The legal sector has had some jobs reduced by technology but there are just some careers that cannot be automated. Working in the legal field gives you job security that many people in other industries envy. Most people think that you have to be a lawyer to work in the legal field but this couldn’t be further from he truth. The following are careers to consider if you find work in the legal field to be exciting and a match to your skills.

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The paralegal is an extremely important job as they are the person a lawyer turns to for help on a variety of things. While they cannot appear alone in court they do important research on cases that the lawyer simply does not have time to do. You are going to have to earn a degree or certificate from an accredited institution. Paralegals need on the job training so finding a law firm or corporation is a necessity. Those who are willing to put in hours of hard work should consider this career path. You will have interesting cases you research while others will be mundane so this is something you have to realize. An organized person can do well in this position as they will have to review so many case files it can be easy to lose your train of thought.

Executive Assistant

There are so many appointments and court dates that a partner at a law firm will have to attend. With this being said being organized is not always a strength so they are going to need an assistant to help them. An executive assistant not only needs to be organized but they also have to have great communication skills both written and oral. Good grammar helps as many attorneys have their assistants proofread an email or contract to avoid any issues. Finding the right law firm to work for can be difficult but once you do work will turn into something you enjoy doing due to the fast paced nature of high profile law firms.

Digital Marketer

The money that there is in personal injury law and other areas of law is immense. For this reason digital marketing in the legal industry is extremely competitive as well as expensive. Standing out from the crowd can be difficult but with the right strategy it is possible. Do not underestimate the power of content marketing when it comes to getting new clients. A person who read an article that clarified a legal issue for them is likely to consult your services instead of going elsewhere to hire legal help. Use social media to promote your content as well as engage with followers. Something like a small back and forth is simple yet it can reflect positively on the law firm.

Court Reporter

The life of a court reporter can be extremely exciting depending which law firms or cases they work. Court reporters are not only there for cases in court but they also take things down like the deposition and other statements on the case.  You are going to have to have your own manual stenotype machine in order to start a program to perfect your court reporting craft.  Some of the classes in the court reporter program will be flexible with many offering online classes. There are minimum skills and words per minute that need to be attained in order to pass the program as well. The one thing that you have the freedom to do once you are qualified to begin working is picking clients to work with. You can make your own schedule if you work with a variety of clients or lawyers. This can be considered being a contract worker so you will act much like a freelancer. Clients will pay at different rates so building up a consistent client base of well-paying attorneys can allow you to make quite a bit more than a court reporter only working for one specific firm. Whether you are court reporting in Nashville or Savannah, this is a great path to take in the legal niche.

Working in the legal field will allot job security for years to come which is hard to come by in today’s business world. Consider a few of the career paths above if you have ever been interested in law.

Author: Ravi Kumarr Gupta

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