Published On: Mon, Feb 1st, 2021

Jim Marchese on Freedom of Speech and its Paramount Importance

Jim Marchese voices the importance of freedom of speech and how to keep it.

Conservative entrepreneur and whistleblower Jim Marchese was recently suspended from Twitter due to failing to adhere to politically correct talking points. Despite this, he refuses to give up talking about what matters most to him: Constitutionally-protected freedom of speech and individual rights.

“I am shocked to see large-scale censorship based upon political views, even the President of the United States has been silenced by a corrupt elite few who control the social and mainstream media”, Jim Marchese. Two years ago, Marchese stated; “I try to treat everyone respectfully as long as they are treating me that way, but people who profess to have liberal viewpoints or pretend to be tolerant have proven to be cruel wishing harm on myself and my wife, Amber Marchese, all for something I said.”   

Jim Marchese’s remarks are particularly poignant now, at a time when it’s common for liberal activists, politicians, and even regular individuals to wish illness and death on those who disagree with them. 

When President Trump and his wife Melania contracted COVID-19, Twitter was awash in liberals wishing the couple would die. Not surprisingly, Twitter took no action to remove the horrific tweets even though they went against the platform’s rules. As BLM and ANTIFA coordinated riots and attacks on cities, Twitter and Facebook did nothing. Instead, people like Jim Marchese lost their access to the social media giant for failing to fall in line and support liberal political views and lifestyles that are antithetical to his morals and values. Naturally, Jim Marchese is not the only one to run afoul of Twitter. 

Donald trump cartoon donkeyhotey

Trump caricature by donkeyhotey

Recently, Twitter purged thousands of thought leaders from their platform. Unaffected, these leaders banded together on a new Social Media app called Parler. But the intolerant elites in the technology world led by politicians like Michelle Obama called for the censorship of conservative leaders like Donald Trump. The troubling response was a conspiracy to destroy their competitor Parler by removing it from the App stores, blocking its vendors, and ultimately attacking their servers, which have recently shutdown Parler

How can someone combat the selective attacks on freedom of speech that enables left-leaning individuals to make death threats while banning conservative individuals for failing to embrace left-leaning statements? Jim Marchese shows the way by example. He has not allowed himself to be bullied into taming his controversial character; instead, he simply speaks out, lets the chips fall where they may, and then goes about his work. Instead of apologizing for failing to promote controversial viewpoints, he has apologized for failing to highlight his beliefs and convictions while working in the showbiz industry. “My apology is not for what I said; it’s that I didn’t say it sooner, that I didn’t come out harder, that I didn’t challenge the status quo when I was on shows like Housewives of New Jersey,” he stated. 

Jim Marchese’s actions may not help him get his Twitter account reinstated, but he has no problem leading a happy, successful life and making his viewpoints known. As such, Jim Marchese is an example for others who hold free speech in high regard. Jim Marchese predicts that free speech will prevail, and Donald Trump, among other conservatives, will take back their rights through competitive networks and social media platforms. “If you feel as though you are being silenced, you are not alone. Do not fear it, embrace it and find new ways to make your voice heard through your actions. Do not support technology companies that censor free speech by removing the apps or purchasing items through them. Find out which tech companies push an agenda and associate with them. In the end, it is the loss of your time and money that will force them to change.

While Twitter has shut down James Marchese’s account for failing to adhere to politically correct talking points, the entrepreneur continues to share his bold points of view on his blog and press releases. He also offers insight into expert opinions and commentaries that are not commonly featured on mainstream news outlets. 

James Marchese also has an extensive track record of exposing fake news articles, using his now-suspended Twitter account to highlight biased reporting on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, gun deaths, and other issues.

Few things matter more than fundamental freedoms such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to choose one’s own religious beliefs, and freedom to make one’s own financial and career decisions. 

Author: Rohan Singh

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