Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2015

Jesus Christ arrived in Jerusalem to be the perfect sacrifice, fulfills prophecy

On Saturday, the 24th of April, 28 AD, in the mid-morning, Jesus makes His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, riding on a young donkey. 

However, the temple priests and the people were lined up expecting to shout “Hosanna” for the High Priest returning from Bethlehem with the chosen lamb.  Jesus was “stealing the High Priest’s thunder”.  This ceremony was a yearly rehearsal for the coming of the Messiah, and Yeshua fulfilled it.  It was the 10th day of Aviv (Nisan). 

Killing jesus key art posterThe temple priests wanted Jesus to tell His disciples to “shut up” and wait for the High Priest to make his entry.  This is when Jesus replied “I tell you this, if these people should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out!!” 

On this day, and for the next three days, Jesus was examined (questioned) on the Temple Mount.  During this time, the “woman caught in adultery” was thrown before Jesus, to “test” His judgment. 

Yeshua also “cleansed” the Temple a second time (as He did one year earlier), gave the parables of the two sons, the vineyard, and the marriage feast.  Other “inspections” were asked of Him. 

The Pharisees asked about giving tribute to Caesar.  The Sadducees asked about a seven time widow.  The Scribes asked Him about the greatest commandment.  Then Yeshua asked them all “How is it that David called the Messiah ‘Yehovah’, when the Messiah was also David’s Son” (Psalms 110)?  

Embarrassed by Yeshua, the religious leaders dared not ask Him any more questions.

On Tuesday evening, on April 27, 28 AD after sunset, making it the beginning of the 14th day, Judas betrays Jesus, perhaps thinking that Jesus will use His powers to resist.  Take note that before sending Yeshua to the cross, Pilate proclaimed “I find no fault in Him”. 

While Jesus is hanging on the cross, on the afternoon of April 28th, He fulfills scripture by quoting Psalms 22:1, and verbally forgives the sins of the repentant thief, who was the last person to obtain remission of sins without water baptism.  Being the High Priest of the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus is offered hyssop and declares “It is finished”! 

Once Jesus died, only then was the sacrifice complete.

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