Published On: Mon, Jan 1st, 2018

‘Jessica Jones’ season 2 trailer, release date, character details and teaser poster

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 is coming to Netflix in March. We have a trailer, a release date, cast info, and more details. Check out the first teaser for Jessica Jones Season 2, which manages to reveal virtually nothing about the story.

“Marvel is thrilled to be working with Netflix for a second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” said Executive Producer and Marvel’s Head of Television, Jeph Loeb in a statement when season 2 was first announced last year. “The positive response to Jessica’s story from fans all over the world has been overwhelming and we look forward to diving even deeper into these characters and this world.”

All 13 episodes of Jessica Jones Season 2 will be directed by women, made available on Netflix March 8.

J.R. Ramirez will play Oscar, the new superintendent of Jessica’s embattled NYC apartment building.

According to EW Oscar’s role will be first felt through his status as a “devoted” single father, since his young son becomes “enamored” with Jessica, specifically over her powers. Oscar wants to stay clear of the trouble that tends to follow powered people.

However, with Jessica’s Season 1 flame in Mike Colter’s Luke Cage now firmly in a relationship Rosario Dawson’s series-hopping nurse Claire Temple, it’s reasonable to speculate that Ramirez’s Oscar may be the subject of Jessica’s next romantic interest.

Indeed, executive producer Melissa Rosenberg states of Ramirez’s casting that he’s “an incredible addition to our cast, bringing complex and subtle emotion and humor,” adding that he “exudes warmth, edge and intelligence, and blends perfectly with our tone.”

To close season 1, Jessica was finally able to kill Kilgrave (David Tennant). Though Jessica was initially arrested for murder, Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) secured her release, and she was inundated with calls from people around the city enlisting her help as a private eye.

Rachael Taylor is back as Patricia “Trish” Walker/Hellcat, but fans shouldn’t expect her to suit up just yet. Eka Darville also returns as Malcolm Ducasse.

Speaking with Nerdist, Rosenberg wouldn’t commit to the idea of getting Trish Walker into her Hellcat alter ego just yet. “You have to earn secondary character stories,” she said. “You have to flesh them out enough so that they can eventually carry stories of their own, which is very much what season one was about.”

Janet McTeer (TumbleweedsMe Before You) has an “undisclosed” role.

“We couldn’t possibly be more excited to work with Ms. McTeer for our second season,” said Rosenberg in a statement. “Her gravitas and authenticity are the perfect ingredients for all we’re trying to create this year. She disappears into roles, gives her characters extraordinary dimension and depth. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to collaborate with her.”

Leah Gibson (Twilight) is playing someone named “Ingrid.” MCU Exchange posted this mysterious character breakdowns a few months ago, and that may help shed some light on “Ingrid.”

[INGRID] Early-mid 30s, 5’8 – 5’11, female, dark hair, attractive and edgy, has a history of living on the streets. Educated as a nurse, but street-wise. She is attracted to men and women…SERIES REGULAR

There’ some fans speculation out there that “Ingrid” is going to end up the MCU equivalent of Daredevil villain, Typhoid Mary.

Synopsis of Season 2: “New York City private investigator Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is beginning to put her life back together after murdering her tormenter, Kilgrave. “Now known throughout the city as a super-powered killer, a new case makes her reluctantly confront who she really is while digging deeper into her past to explore the reasons why.”

Rosenberg told Deadline  back in November: “I think one of the things I would be able to do now, that’s harder to do in the first season, is to really expand on the ensemble…I would hope to further expand on the ensemble, and on Jessica’s world. She ends in a very different place than she started off. She’s still going to be Jessica Jones — that is not going to change. She will continue to drink and make mistakes, and accidentally drop people onto train tracks, but something has changed for her by the end of this season, and I’d just love to explore that in the second season.”

“I learned from working on Dexter that you can advance the character, but you never want to cure the character,” Rosenberg said in an interview with Esquire. “With Dexter, the moment he felt guilt or accepted that he was ‘bad,’ the show’s over. He’s no longer a sociopath. The equivalent for us would be if Jessica somehow recovered from the damage that had been done to her. People don’t just heal, you don’t go through that just to say, ‘Oh, he got arrested, he’s in jail, I’m OK now.’…That trauma is a huge part of who she is now.”

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