Published On: Wed, Mar 12th, 2014

Jesse Ventura reaches over 1.3 million viewers in one month of ‘Off the Grid’

PRESS RELEASE: Jesse Ventura’s new online-only show “Off The Grid”— carried by Ora.tv and YouTube – has been broadcasting Tuesday through Friday for a full month.

Jesse Ventura Off the Grid photoIn one month’s time, “Off The Grid” already has a viewership of 1.3 million. Meaning that Ventura’s message is not only out there, it’s clearly gaining support and approval.
In the former governor’s opinion, the secret to his success is in the freedom to report the news.

“I report the stories that need to be heard. Not the ones that a corporate sponsor wants you to hear,” Ventura states. “The fact that more and more people are tuning in every day tells me that mainstream media isn’t doing their job to educate the public.”


Jesse Ventura recently interviewed Edward Snowden’s legal advisor Ben Mizner on “Off The Grid” to discuss the latest with Edward Snowden’s case. Most interviews last about 15 to 20 minutes and Ventura—who is typically known for his opinionated rhetoric—gives the floor to his guests so that they may convey their message without interruption or interrogation.

“I want the viewer to decide if the guest’s opinion is right or wrong,” says Jesse Ventura. “Since my show isn’t highly dependent on interviews, I have plenty of opportunities to give my opinions too.”

Off the Grid Jesse Ventura logo title cardAnd that he does. Last week, Jesse Ventura took on the billionaires, stating their obsession with making more and more money is a “sickness,” that they are dangerously addicted to money, and that their “silver spoons” needed to be “knocked out of their mouths.”
Jesse Ventura also questioned the conventional wisdom that billionaires earn their enormous salaries because they work more than the rest of Americans. He laughed at the notion that the one percent “work harder.”

“Is it work pushing numbers around on papers and moving decimal points?” he says. “Or is it work washing dishes or digging a ditch? I’d love to know how many of them began like I did—at Mama Rosa’s restaurant washing dishes for $1.50 an hour. That’s work.”

Other controversial topics include changing the NFL’s Washington Redskins to the Washington Criminals.

“I find Redskin to be as offensive to the Native Americans as the N word is to African Americans,” he says. “Why not rename the team the Washington Criminals? That would be far more appropriate for a D.C. team.”

Since Jesse Ventura isn’t competing for cable airtime, he also isn’t concerned about ratings. “My viewers don’t have to pay anything to watch my show. If people like my show, then I will continue my show,” he says. “I am in constant contact with my audience and they tell me what they think about each episode.”

And adding to that “give the people what they want” mentality, the mystique of the show being filmed “off the grid” is a concept that hasn’t been done before.

“I film from different locations and we rely on satellite feeds and solar power,” Ventura explains. “I have a command center in the states that keeps me up-to-date on any breaking news.”

“Off The Grid” is available online at www.ora.tv/OffTheGrid
Previous guests of “Off The Grid” also include Judge Andrew Napolitano, Ron Paul, congressional hopeful Marianne Williamson, and whistleblowers like Thomas Drake.

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  2. marc.w says:

    Keep up the good work jesse i loved your show .We need more people like you in this world then it would become a better place .

  3. Lynn Christiano says:

    do you have a petition for me to sign for you running for President? If so please post it!

  4. Nauseous says:

    You know why he has 1.3 million because he’s honest and truthful about what he talks about. You can’t trust any political person in government today except Bernie Sanders and a couple others but Jesse is right up front and no BS.

    People call him crazy but that’s our lying media and geeks.

    Honestly I don’t trust Jesse’s picks for a vise president but I would vote only for him. He’s a good man as long as he keeps his word.

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