Published On: Fri, Sep 5th, 2014

Jesse Ventura on Ferguson, Michael Brown shooting: they’re ‘preparing for martial law’

Jesse Ventura commented on the unrest and tense situation in Ferguson on the Alan Colmes radio show as well as on his internet show “Off The Grid.”

Jesse Ventura Off the Grid photo“I view it as the bigger picture. I lived through Martin Luther King and the huge strides we made in the right direction back then. But clearly those strides have to continue. The bottom line: this is racism. We still have a racism problem,” the former Governor said of the Michael Brown shooting.

On the use of tear gas and allegations of police brutality he says: “”I’ve watched our rights deteriorate. Especially our first amendment rights. All the nations of the world have agreed they will not use tear gas against each other during war. But yet we use tear gas on our own people. It’s shameful. If we go to war, are we allowed to use tear gas on the enemy? No! Then how the hell can [police] use it on our own citizens?”

 Jesse then spoke about the militarization of police forces, cautioning the public.
“I think it’s ridiculous that they’re getting these vehicles and this equipment that we use in war. Are we going to have a war within our own borders? They’re thoroughly preparing for Marshall Law.”

Jesse does offer solutions.

“Jefferson, Adams, and Washington told us the Republic won’t survive without vigilant citizens. Through my experience you must hold the government’s feet to the fire to get good government. It’s time for us as The People to take charge here. Governments work for us. Police forces are supposed to be working for us. They are not to be out there lording over us. To look at everything as a whole, we got a long way to go as a country. What kid of example are we setting for the rest of the world? Instead of involving ourselves in these foreign wars, why don’t we start taking care of business here in our own back yard?”

About “Off The Grid”

Jesse Ventura’s online-only show Off The Grid has a viewership of 2 million between Ora.tv and Youtube.

“Off The Grid” offers Jesse Ventura’s electrifying insight into the nation’s most pressing problems as well as unleashes the former governor’s takes on topics ranging from government hypocrisy, to corporate deception, to current events. It also features Ventura in conversation with the world’s leading political and cultural minds as well as fellow conspiracy savants. Facebook and Twitter fans also chime in by asking Jesse Ventura’s opinion on important issues or providing questions for him to ask upcoming guests.

The show’s tagline is certainly apropos: “No suits, no censors, no red tape. Just Jesse Ventura as we like him: bold, brazen, and bare knuckled.”

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