Published On: Fri, Jun 13th, 2014

Jesse Ventura ‘Off The Grid: War on Drugs vs Legalization of Marijuana

Jesse Ventura’s new online show “Off The Grid” presents the former governor’s thoughts on today’s current events. On the latest episode, the Governor follows the money trail to our broken criminal justice system and exposes why the “Land of the Free” has 2.2 million people in prison. That’s more people sitting behind bars than any other country in the world.

Jesse Ventura presented some alarming facts:

  • More than $51 Billion is spent each year on the War on Drugs
  • In 2012, police arrested 1 person every 42 seconds for marijuana possession
  • $64 Billion of taxpayer dollars were spent on the prison system last year
  • It costs taxpayers at least $31,000 per inmate per year

Off the Grid Jesse Ventura logo title card“We won’t raise the minimum wage, but we’re happy to throw you in jail for having a joint and pay you $31,000 a year instead of having you out working,” said Jesse Ventura. “Maybe you’re better off going to jail.”

“What does marijuana actually do to you? You can’t overdose on it. At the end of the day, you might gain a few pounds. You might have to work out harder the next day because you’re probably gonna be eating cheese puffs all night long,” Jesse Ventura said in jest.

Jesse Ventura also weighed in on the healthcare inmates receive: “Why would a prisoner get better healthcare than me? So if you’re sick, what does that tell you? You better smoke some pot, get arrested, and go to jail.”

The former governor then reported that in Louisiana, the minimum sentence for three grams of marijuana is 13 years in prison.

“See how sick the U.S. is? If you beat your wife, you get less of a charge than if you get caught with a joint,” Ventura said. “President Obama should be so proud for getting these horrible people off the streets,” he said sarcastically.

Check out the clip below.

About “Off The Grid”

Jesse Ventura’s online-only show Off The Grid has a viewership of 2 million between Ora.tv and Youtube.

“Off The Grid” offers Jesse Ventura’s electrifying insight into the nation’s most pressing problems as well as unleashes the former governor’s takes on topics ranging from government hypocrisy, to corporate deception, to current events. It also features Ventura in conversation with the world’s leading political and cultural minds as well as fellow conspiracy savants. Facebook and Twitter fans also chime in by asking Jesse Ventura’s opinion on important issues or providing questions for him to ask upcoming guests.

The show’s tagline is certainly apropos: “No suits, no censors, no red tape. Just Jesse Ventura as we like him: bold, brazen, and bare knuckled.” 

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  1. Ron says:

    Ventura makes sense !

  2. claygooding says:

    Nearly every federal bureaucracy receives funding from the ONDCP to keep them locked into the war on some drugs.
    The recent threat to Casino operators that they could face charges for any players using MMJ earnings in their casinos proves that,,even the Gaming Commission is in on the never ending gravy train.

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