Published On: Mon, Jul 15th, 2013

Jennifer Rubin’s war on Rand Paul

Neoconservative blogger for the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin, has had Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) in her crosshairs, dishing up scathing piece after scathing piece against the libertarian-leaning Senator.

Rand Paul I will speak Filibuster Facebook photoHer column, Right Turn, features a nearly daily blasting of Paul, this past weeks target, Jack Hunter, secession and Abraham Lincoln.

“Jennifer Rubin’s take from a conservative perspective” closed her article July 14 with the following: “So Kentucky Dems, listen up: Forget about Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who is going to win reelection by a country mile. Start working on finding a conservative Democrat to run against Paul in 2016. By then, the people of Kentucky may have had all they can stand of Rand Paul.”

This is all to be expected, the neoconservatives have always butted heads with the Pauls. However, unlike his dad, Rand Paul is getting some real attention in various polls beating the likes of Chris Christie and Marco Rubio, and this makes Jen nervous.

The last thing Jen and her ilk want is a Paul as a Presidential nominee. A non-interventionist, non-occupier like Paul would be the last straw for a philosophy that is dying among the American people.

So what does Rubin, Alana Goodman and James Kirchick do? The same strategy used against the senior Paul, calls of racism and kookiness.

Rand Paul, in Jennifer Rubin’s view, is a threat to a statist, interventionist Marco Rubio, and she can’t have none of that.

But if she is such a “conservative”, wouldn’t she want the guy in Congress who is the best defender of the First, Second, Fourth, Ninth and Tenth amendments?

Wouldn’t she want a guy running for President who may truly shrink the size of government to its Constitutional limits?

Besides, since when is being critical of Abraham Lincoln off-limits in the US? Does Rubin think Lincoln’s suspending habeas corpus and jailing thousands of journalists a good thing?

Isn’t this up for debate and discourse?

As Judge Andrew Napolitano most aptly states concerning secession and states rights,” They can’t seem to recognize that states’ rights–even secession–does not equal racism; it constitutes a brake on the feds’ march to totalitarianism.”

But I digress. Napolitano also points out that none of these “revelations” were secret about Hunter. Besides, this has little to do with Hunter, secession or anti-Lincoln remarks—it’s about a scheme of discrediting and bringing down Rand Paul.

Well its begun.

Now its Jennifer Rubin and her fellow neocons and rest assured, they will be relentless.  The onslaught will continue.

Believe me, if Paul decides to run in 2016, though they seem all warm and fuzzy now, Fox News will join the ranks in the war on Rand Paul.

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