Published On: Sun, Jul 5th, 2015

Jennifer Fichter gets 22 years in prison for sex with students

A former teacher who engaged in sexual relationships with three of her students, even aborting a baby from one, has now been jailed for 22 years.

Jennifer Fichter, 30, who taught English at a school in Lakeland, Florida, admitted to 37 counts of unlawful sexual contact with a minor in April in relation to three of her 17-year-old male students across two counties.

Fichter was even pregnant after one encounter, which she terminated. At the time, Fichter rejected a plea deal by the State Attorney’s Office, seemingly in a bid to achieve a more lenient sentence.

“You’re going to have a long time to think about what you did. I trust that your faith is real, and you’ll have a long time to let your faith work in your life so that when you come out you’re a different person,” the judge told Fichter. “It bothered me that there was references to that faith and yet there was this activity.”
Each count Fichter faced could have carried a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

In court she gave an emotional speech at Polk County Court, telling her victims and their families, who were in attendance, that she wished she could “go back and remove what I’ve done.”

“I hate so much what my selfishness has done… I can’t, I won’t even begin to think my words were enough,” Fichter said with tears streaming down her face.

During the sentencing hearing, a recorded phone conversation with the mother of one of the victim’s and Fichter was played in court. Fichter admitted she slept with one of the teens about 20 to 30 times. She also admitted she had gotten pregnant and then had an abortion.
Mother: “He just said that you came and told him that you were pregnant and that you had an abortion”.
Fichter: “Yes. He knew and he helped make the decision”.
Jennifer Fichter

Jennifer Fichter


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  1. Wendell says:

    Lets see, 22 years for having sex with a 17 year who was what emotionally scared for life? C’mon she would have gotten less time if she hit him over the head with a 2 by 4. This is a case of making an example of someone but this is ridiculous when you consider the circumstance. If the other teens involved were a lot younger then 17 then this makes sense but if not this is court taking “making a point” way to far.

  2. Jennifer Fichter: 22-Year Prison Sentence Given To Teacher Who Had Sex With Students | Likev.net says:

    […] to The Globe Dispatch, the judge wanted Fichter to know that she will have plenty of time to think about her wrong doings, and to fix her ways of thinking so that she’d come out of prison with a new perspective on […]

  3. Jennifer Fichter: 22-Year Prison Sentence Given To Teacher Who Had Sex With Students says:

    […] to The Globe Dispatch, the judge wanted Fichter to know that she will have plenty of time to think about her wrong doings, and to fix her ways of thinking so that she’d come out of prison with a new perspective on […]

  4. Jennifer Fichter: 30-Year-Old English Teacher Sentenced To 22 Years In Prison For Sex With Students says:

    […] to The Globe Dispatch, the judge spoke to Fichter, telling her that her 22-year sentence will give her a long time to think about her […]

  5. Jacko says:

    She needs therapy not 22 years.

  6. Motormadness says:

    As a father to two sons and 1 daughter, This woman got the time i would have sentenced her to. 22 years may seem harsh, But not when it comes to damage done. Also , I agree with other comments, just because shes a woman doesnt mean she should get any less a sentence.

  7. Marcy says:

    When you send your children to school, you do not expect the teachers to prey on them. If she “liked” them so much, she could have waited until the were no longer in high school. She didn’t because just like any other male predator that likes young boys/girls they want them young. I wouldn’t cry over her sentence. She would have only gotten worse as the years went by. Good thing this predator was caught early.

  8. JusticeWIllTriumph says:

    Dear American and other Internet users. I appeal to you on behalf of all Russian people supporting justice.
    We are very worried and want to help in the liberation Jennifer Fichter from custody.
    Many of you also support this idea. But so far the greatest advancement and activity in this area comes from the Russian-speaking community.
    We have created multiple pages in social networks VKontakte, Facebook. Organize the collection of petitions on the website change.org. Currently 35k signatures collected more than 2! days. Everyone understands that the law was violated, the punishment should be. But not so cruel! Probation, dismissal without the right to work as a teacher – that’s what she deserved. These “victims” knew perfectly well what are they doing by agreeing to sexual acts with this lovely sweet lady. They are 17yo! In your country, with 16 teenagers can drive a car! That is, by law, they may be responsible for the safety of traffic on the road and are responsible for the lives of other road users. Let’s not each other laughing, everything is well aware that 17yo are already adults, the ability to think with their head and give statements of their actions, they can manipulate everybody. BUT! But they suddenly become “victims” of “predator” Jennifer, who loved them and cared about them. Why is the mother of one guy reading his personal messages? It isnt nice? And if he was 21? Only then it wouldn’t be right ?? She saw, “she loses her son, but she couldn’t do anything,” funny. Do you think your 16-17yo are not sexually active – I laugh in your face. Say thank’s, that was their first experience with such an experienced and beautiful lady who care for them, than with sick prostitutes for 100$ or frightful classmates somewhere around the corner from the school who will not suffer punishment. Let your sons keep their own penises of the pants, that they didn’t inflict someone harm. Why does the son not immediately complained to her mother when the teacher start to flirt with him, why he and two other guys dared to agree to sex, often did it for them pleasure, and then just ruin her life. She’s 30yo, it’s the dawn of womanhood! Throughout her full life she will be obliged to spend in prison, it’s a real horror. And that’s just for AGREED sex. Stupid laws … Just think, your court recently officially allowed gay marriage, it means that the law of gays and lesbians are now full members of your society. Soon they will dictate their own rules, and guess what will follow if you don’t like these conditions? That’s right, you will be punished! There humiliate rights, not afraid of this word, of NORMAL people and protecting rights abnormal. Over time, your morals are changing. Previously, homosexuals were castrated, it would be better, and now it is left … Soon the normal heterosexual relationships will not respected, what actually happened on the example of Jennifer. Now, these three “victims” themselves quietly siting and shut up, show us your faces cruds. How is it not a shame to use a person, and then send her to jail, remaining white and innocent bunnies. Ugh this justice. The most severe ideological murderer Breivik is clearly not a balanced psyche for 77 murders and more than 200 damaged lives had served 21 in VIP conditions with the Internet and all the comforts. A teacher from Florida’s 22 in a common jail for AGREED sex with adult cowards. Apparently, now the love of your country doesn’t have a sexual boundaries, but normal heterosexual relationships have age limits and most severe punishment.Now what is happening around you mb seems ordinary for you, but the “neighbors” sees immoral “Western worth” of your government and the courts that go to Europe, becoming legalized there. This regime tries to get into Russia, but thank God, we are still beating homo and don’t give them rest. I told you, they never get a equality rights in our country. In particular, thank’s to Vladimir Vladimirovich, whom your Western media love slander and put blame for all the troubles in the World, it’s funny too. And rightly so, because it’s completely immoral and unnatural to human kind. Dear Americans let’s stand in the way of this cancer, slowly kills your normal life and morality. Let’s reach a revise of case Jennifer Fichter and let justice triumph!
    Arkady, Russia
    ‪#‎saveJennifer‬ ‪#‎freeJenniferFichter‬

    P.S.: Also you can support our movement

  9. Jennifer Fichter: 30-Year-Old Teacher Sentenced To 22 Years In Prison For Sex With Students | Likev.net says:

    […] to The Globe Dispatch, the judge spoke to Fichter, telling her that her 22-year sentence will give her a long time to think about her […]

  10. Nnn~Ddd says:

    The guys she had sex w/ had sex consensually, they enjoyed every moment and have no adverse affects…Total BS!

    I wish Ms Fitch no harm or ill will, I hope the 22 yrs go by unscathed, and when she gets out I wish her only the best…

    These boys and more over their parents need to take a long hard look in the mirror, their young men were willing participants.

  11. Buster Hymen says:

    She’s a freak a nympho can’t get enough 30 times in a car she only wanted to get off now she can get off in prison

    • barney says:

      Why is it when a woman enjoys sex, she’s a freak or a nympho, but if a guy enjoys sex, they are a ‘man’ or a stud, or only sowing their wild oats.

      We as a nation need to stop being idiots in regards to sex, and instead understand that it is as much part of us as breathing or walking upright.

      • Brandon Jones says:

        Hasn’t there been a double standard for pedophiles and child predators? Female teachers have never been demonized on the same level as their male equals. Fichter had a long standing affair with these underage boys, sorry but that’s what they were, and would have continued if she hadn’t been nabbed.

        In fact, she didn’t even come clean about the abortion right away.

        This is one area where we need to be tough on crime and send the message that sex with minors will not be tolerated.

  12. Veronica Lodge says:

    We can all be proud that our criminal justice system is at work, taking these evil women off the street and putting them in jail, along with Bernie Madoff, where they can contemplate the heinous acts they have committed, and beg their victims for forgiveness.

    • erwin says:

      The US criminal justice System dies not work at all. George W. Bush can ne considered a mass murderer due to his actions in Irak, he lied to the World to have this war done, without even spending one day in jail. The US prosecutes people which like Snowden criticize crimes against the society and protects it’s murders and torturers in office. No torturer in Abu Guraig has been condemned in a comparable way. This judge and this society needs psychiatric assistance.

  13. mike vercruse says:

    Although I am against the double standard that exists in our society.Woman are cougars and guys are dirty old men.This sentence is way to severe.I was once a high school male.At the age of these guys I am quite sure they are not virgins.

    • barney says:

      I agree with you. What’s more, in 6 months to a year, good old Uncle Sam will happily take these “children”, ship them off to Iraq, Afghanistan, or where ever our politicians want to de-throne a government and allow them to kill or be killed “legally” without so much as a second thought. While this woman should have been engaging in sexual relations with someone closer to her age, I harbor not delusions that these 17 y/o’s were harmed.

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