Published On: Thu, Apr 9th, 2020

Javier Burillo: Tips on Making Money Online

It was my good friend Javier Burillo who first turned me on to the idea of making money online, a concept which previously I didn’t really believe was possible. Javier started out doing this first and when he showed me how much it was possible to make, it really blew me away. Many of you want to know how to make money online as well, given that ‘how can I make money online’ is one of the most searched for terms on Google and other search engines. 

Today we are not going to go into exactly how to make money online, as there really is a boat load of literature on that topic, what I do want to do is throw up some tips which will help you do better online. 

photo/ Gerd Altmann

Making Money 

It is not good to go into this with the idea that you are going to make a lot of money quickly, or that you are going to become an overnight success. If you go into it with this mentality then you are going to be disappointed pretty soon, and that is going to be very discouraging for you. The best idea is to just have a go, see if you can make some small gains and a little bit of income and then look to increase it, you may hit the jackpot quickly, but you should never bank on it. 


 When you are making money online you should always keep an eye on the number of revenue streams which you have coming in. The saying ‘don’t put all of your eggs in one basket’ rings true here and in the interest of increasing your ability to make money online, it is important  that you keep searching for more ways of doing it. Working online means no salary and each month presents new risks and challenges around whether or not you’ll be able to earn well. In order to make sure that there is always money coming in, you need to ensure that you have a diverse range of options. 


 If you are doing freelance work then you should take the opportunity with both hands, as there are more freelancers out there than people who need them. If you get a client then you have to remember that they are only going to be able to judge you based on what you deliver, this isn’t like an office setting where people can see you at all times. Deliver work to a super high standard and always be on time in order to secure more work in the future. 

No Quick Fix

There will be a lot of things that you see which promise to make you a millionaire, arb trading, day trading, Amazon FBA business guarantees, online marketing success in a week, the whole works. The only way you make big money online is through hard work and creativity, and don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Author: James Daniel

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