Published On: Tue, Feb 5th, 2019

Jason Proch: The Attraction of the US for Brits

I must be honest it wasn’t until the first time that I went to the USA that I began to truly understand just how popular the country was as a destination for people coming from the United Kingdom. During that trip I actually went with my American business partner Jason Proch and we were able to take in quite the trip heading to Pittsburgh and New York, as well as some shorter stays along the way. Everywhere that I went in the USA was packed with British people and after Jason Pooch and I started looking into greater detail, we suddenly realized just how popular America is for Brits. When you get to thinking about it, it does make sense that this is a popular destination and here is why.

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English is very much an international language and it is widely spoken in holiday destinations across the country. The thing is however, and as Jason Proch rightly points out, that whilst there are many people that speak the language, there are only so many places in the world where English surrounds you and the culture is predominantly based within the language. This is of course the case and it is most definitely a reason as to why Brits enjoy holidaying here.


For at least the last 100 years Britons have been fascinated by America and for us it has always appeared like this widely varied and accepting land were anything in possible, we too have been sold the American dream. In more recent times this has been a nation which is easily accessible thanks to lower priced and quicker flights, which of course gives us the opportunity to explore this fascinating corner of the world. We view America as something of a big brother, who does everything on a larger scale than we do back home. This is why so many people head to Florida’s theme parks, New York attractions and the flashing lights of Los Angeles.


It is not just the tourism figures which are boosted by Brits traveling to the USA, there is also a he percentage of UK citizens who travel to the USA for business reasons. For many years now there have been tight links between a number of British-based and American-based businesses. These connections mean that a lot of men and women travel between the two countries each and every year, further adding to the percentage of Brits heading to the USA.


As I have seen for myself the USA is a nation with just about everything on offer that a tourist could want. Here you can take a beach holiday, you can go skiing, you can take city breaks, natural retreats and any other type of journey which you want.  Some people enjoy relaxing on a Spanish beach for a couple of weeks but for those with a sense of adventure, they head to the US of A for that.

Author: James Daniel

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