Published On: Fri, Feb 24th, 2017

James O’Keefe’s CNN Leaks confirm that liberal journalists are pushing the leftist agenda, no news really

Is CNN fake news? More specifically, is CNN bias, willing to manipulate the news for political reasons or to attack a political – the answer is yes to all of those things. Does it happen all the time — no, of course not. Now Project Veritas founder and conservative activist James O’Keefe dropped hundreds of hours of undercover audio from CNN and what was revealed was…well, confirmation of just that.

Richard Griffiths, CNN’s senior editorial director can be heard “redefining” the role of the journalist: “If we are journalists, what is our role as a journalist? What is the fundamental role as a journalist, for us to do? Tell a story. Tell what’s going on. There’s a secondary corollary to that, right? Aid the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. To a degree, right? Is that not part of the traditional role of a journalist? It’s actually one of the things I can be most proud of as a journalist. You know we try to show the ugly side of humanity so we can do something about it. It’s hard, very hard.”

CNN Leak? No, nothing to see here yet photo Gerry Goodstein

Griffiths’s quoting an old 1960’s film “Aid the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” as part of a pep talk to make journalist feel good about themselves and reaffirm this old duty of a newspaper should be expected.


There is a clip which includes assignment editor saying “I think Fox News is unbearable. It’s horrible” and another editor stating “That issue, climate change, I mean science is pretty much on board, and there are a few dissenters. There’s no debate.”

There’s no debate that this IS CNN. Reporting on the fake Trump report or working with the DNC’s Donna Brazile on debate questions is much, much worse that the liberal fodder unearthed by O’Keefe’s team.

O’Keefe is offering $10,000 to “anyone that comes forward with legally-obtained materials exposing media malfeasance.”

In a comment to Breitbart Tech, O’Keefe spoke of his concern at the growing leftist bias of social media companies and warned that Project Veritas would investigate them too.

“Yes we know about it, we’re concerned about it, we’re fighting it,” said O’Keefe. “[CNN Leaks] is the first in a long effort to target and expose abuse within the media, and that includes social media… Who knows? Maybe we have someone inside with a camera right now, recording everything.”

photo/Jinkies B

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