Published On: Fri, Jul 24th, 2015

Jackie Fox seeking healing from Kim Fowley rape, talks about Joan Jett

Former Runaways bassist Jackie Fuchs (known by her stage name as Jackie Fox) joined HuffPost Live to discuss her alleged sexual assaulted by band manager Kim Fowley, after going public about her rape earlier this month to HuffPost’s Jason Cherkis.

When asked how Joan Jett’s response to her rape allegations made her feel, Fuchs replied:

“The important thing to focus on is that certainly the Joan of today would not stand by and watch a bandmate being assaulted in any way without doing something. But at the time of the incident, Joan like most of the other people in the room was a teenager… And we all like to think that we are the type of people who would stop an assault in progress because most of us are good moral people. But even good moral people have a hard time acting when they see an event of bullying or of sexual assault or anything similar… They looked around, the adults weren’t doing anything, the people in the band weren’t doing anything, and they just didn’t want to speak up in case they were misinterpreting the situation.”

Runaways album coverSee clip #1 below.

Fuchs also shared what she would say to her alleged rapist Kim Fowley if he was still alive.

“I really had wanted to just hear him tell me what he was thinking that night… to find out if there was something that I hadn’t realized. Ideally to hear him say, ‘Look, I’m really sorry for what I did to you. I wronged you, and can you ever forgive me?’ Because I would like to get to a place where I can forgive him. And I’m not there yet, but I want to be. Not for his sake, obviously, but for my own. Because carrying around hate and anger doesn’t do me any good. I’m working on that.”

Check out more below in clip #2.

Fowley died from bladder cancer in January of this year, he was 75. Jett has denied that she witnessed the rape.

“Anyone who truly knows me understands that if I was aware of a friend or bandmate being violated, I would not stand by while it happened,” Jett stated on the JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS Facebook page. “For a group of young teenagers thrust into ’70s rock stardom there were relationships that were bizarre, but I was not aware of this incident. Obviously Jackie’s story is extremely upsetting and although we haven’t spoken in decades, I wish her peace and healing.”



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