Published On: Fri, Dec 9th, 2016

Islamic State’s Omar Mateen, black cop killers Micah Johnson, Gavin Long part of ‘Terror from the Right,’ says SPLC

The Southern Poverty Law Center is billed a legit source of Civil Rights and anti-hate information, but the leftist organization revealed that it is indeed more extreme than originally thought as their “Terror from the Right” list includes Islamic State sympathetic shooter Omar Mateen, the Dallas and Baton Rouge cop killers while Floyd Corkins Jr., the Chick-fil-A attacker was left out.

“What follows is a detailed listing of major terrorist plots and racist rampages that have emerged from the American radical right in the years since Oklahoma City,” the analysis says, listing the Olympic Park bomber Eric Rudolph and Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof with Islamic radicals and black separatists.

Omar Mateen

Omar Mateen

Another jihadi which made the “right wing” propaganda hit piece, was Luqman Ameen Abdullah, a Michigan imam killed by the FBI in a 2009 shootout. Federal court documents described him as a Muslim separatist.

Dallas police said that Micah Johnson told them he wanted to kill white people and a picture from his Facebook profile shows him holding up a “black power” fist – not exactly the characteristics of a Trump voter.

Gavin Eugene Long killed three Baton Rouge police officers in July. Long claimed in YouTube videos that he was a former member of the Nation of Islam, which believes white people were created by an evil scientist named Yakub. Long also complained about “crackers” in one of his videos.

The Daily Caller noted that “The SPLC did not include two New Black Panther Party members who were arrested for planning to set off bombs during a Ferguson, Mo. protest on their right-wing terror list. TheDC reported Thursday that the SPLC’s list is light on actual individuals charged with terrorism, only seven on its list have been indicted on federal terrorism or terror-related crimes.”

The liberal media seemed obsessed with reporting every hate crime identified by SPLC in the wake of Trump’s victory as though they were objective reporters. Aim.org and College Fix asked where are the reports of the anti-white protests and attacks?

From The College Fix:

According to this report, some 4,000 educators claimed to “have heard derogatory language directed at students of color, Muslims, immigrants and people based on gender or sexual orientation.”

However, Paul Sperry of the New York Post points out that the SPLC failed to mention 2,000 instances of educators reporting anti-white hate incidents (presumably of an anti-Trump nature).

The leftist group is further extreme than yesterday and will continue to drift more extreme when left unchecked by the mainstream press.

Check out the full “right-wing terror” list HERE

Gavin Long

Gavin Long

Micah Xavier Johnson

Micah Xavier Johnson

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  1. Mike Mackleroy says:

    I see that the Christian Republican Trump white supremacist s**t hole blocks comments. Every right winger is such a pants-sh**ting right wing NRA coward. Typical.

    • Brandon Jones says:

      We don’t block the comments, we moderate them to soften the ridiculous language that you spew.

      You may not know much about the site from your remarks, I for one, didn’t vote for Trump and you are an awful human being for calling someone a “white supremacist” without any proof.

      Just a disgusting remark.

  2. Mike Mackleroy says:

    “… the leftist organization…”

    🙂 I find that amusing. Why is it that hate-driven Christian and Islamic Republican extremists think that just because an organization opposes ideology-based hatred, the organization is “leftist?”

    Is the Christofascist right wing Republican Trump cultist admitting that hate and bigotry is right wing?

    (Yes. Yes you are.)

    • Brandon Jones says:

      The Southern Poverty Law Center is leftist, just further left than people realize. The point is that Mateen is not right-wing or a “Islamic Republican” as you say. Neither was the cop killing leftists mentioned.

      I don’t even know what to make of this nonsense: “Is the Christofascist right wing Republican Trump cultist admitting that hate and bigotry is right wing?

      (Yes. Yes you are.)”

      Either you didn’t read the post or didn’t understand it.

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